Nutrition-Nursing Quiz Questions

Nutrition-Quiz Questions

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Best Of Nutrition Nursing Quiz Questions. You must try these nursing questions and answers before appearing any nursing interview, staff nurse exam or nursing school exam. It will be helpful for both nurses and student nurses.

  1. 1.What jis the daily calorie requirement of an adult with average body weight?
  2. a). 1500 calories.
    b). 2000 calories.
    c). 3000 calories.
    d). 2500 calories.

  3. 2. Which enzyme helps for the digestion of fat after emulsification?
  4. a). Renin.
    b). Amylase.
    c). Lipase.
    d). Trypsin.

  5. 3. Which one of the nutrient should include in maximum quantity of dietary intake of small children?
  6. a). Protein.
    b). Carbohydrates.
    c). Minerals.
    d). Vitamins.

  7. 4. Which of the following is known as the protein factory of cells?
  8. a). Ribosomes.
    b). Cytoplasm.
    c). Golgi bodies.
    d). D.N.A.

  9. 5. The building blocks of proteins are polymers of?
  10. a). Glucose.
    b). Vitamins.
    c).Amino Acids.
    d). Starch.

  11. 6. Which of the following is used for grading protein energy malnutrition?
  12. a). Ballard’s scale.
    b). Gomez scale.
    c). Bishop scoring.
    d). Krammer’s rule.

  13. 7. Recommended protein requirements of an average adult male person?
  14. a). 1g/kg of body weight.
    b). 2g/kg of body weight.
    c). 1mg/kg of body weight.
    d). 0.8mg/kg of body weight.

  15. 8. Malnutrition comprises of following forms except?
  16. a). Undernutrition.
    b). Overnutrition.
    c). Imbalance.
    d). Micronutrition.

  17. 9. How much calories per day required by breastfeeding woman?
  18. a). 1000.
    b). 1800.
    c). 2200.
    d). 2700.

  19. 10. Which of the following is an example of primary poverty disease?
  20. a). Chicken Pox.
    b). Typhoid.
    c). Dementia.
    d). Malaria.

  21. 11. Which of the following is a rich source of vitamin A?
  22. a). Orange.
    b). Apple.
    c). Ground nuts.
    d). Apricots.

  23. 12. Which of the following contents are high in hind milk?
  24. a). Fat and vitamins.
    b). Vitamins and minerals.
    c). Fat and energy.
    d). Protein and energy.

  25. 13. The milk of which of the following mammal has highest content of fat?
  26. a). Buffalo.
    b). Human.
    c). Goat.
    d). Cow.

  27. 14. Which disease is caused is caused by the deficiency of protein?
  28. a). Pellagra.
    b). Marasmus.
    c). Beri-Beri.
    d). Rickets.

  29. 15. Which of the following statement about rice is false?
  30. a). Milled raw rice contains low amount of Vitamin B.
    b). Husked raw rice is a poor source of calcium.
    c). Hand pounded under milled rice is a fair source of B vitamins.
    d). Par boiling of rice causes loss of thiamine while milling.

  31. 16. How much calories will produce during the fat break down metabolism?
  32. a). 9 calories.
    b). 2 calories.
    c). 5 calories.
    d). 7 calories.

  33. 17. Which nutrient deficiency is main reason for microcytic anemia?
  34. a). Folic acid.
    b). Amino acids.
    c). Iron.
    d). Vitamin C.

  35. 18. How much B.M.I or Body mass index score for obesity?
  36. a). 20 to 25 .
    b). More than 15.
    c). More than 30.
    d). Less than 18.

  37. 19. Which diet is commonly prescribed after intestinal surgery, during heart burn, gastric ulcers?
  38. a). Liquid diet.
    b). Bland diet.
    c). Gluten free diet.
    d). Low fat diet.

  39. 20. Which type of the following food is rich in omega 3 fatty acids?
  40. a). Oily fish.
    b). Chicken.
    c). Pork.
    d). Egg.

  41. 21. Which one of the following is known as “ Poor man’s meat”?
  42. a). Cow milk.
    b). Soya bean.
    c). Apple.
    d). Chicken.

  43. 22. Which of the following food item believed to be complete meal or balanced diet?
  44. a). Vegetables.
    b). Fruits.
    c). Milk.
    d). Honey.

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