Community Health Nursing Quiz Part- 3

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Community Health Nursing

Community Health Nursing Questions Part 3

The number of females per 1000 males is known as?
In which of the following condition the syndromic management is given?
Which of the following method in the health communication helps to perform a skill?
The period before the appearance of antibodies in the body after the entry of HIV is known as?
Incubation period of chikungunya?
The pearl Index is associated with?
Which among the following vaccine can be stored in the freezer?
The most widespread rickettsial infection in man?
A disease transmitted through contact is called as?
The fatty substance which keeps the skin soft and lubricated and prevent drying is?
Which among the malarial parasite is responsible for the cerebral malaria?
All are screening tests for breast cancer, except?
A leprosy patient having 2-5 skin lesions is known as?
Opportunistic infection leading to pneumonia in an AIDS patient is caused by?
Salk vaccine is given for prevention of?
Reservoir of leptospira?
Which is the most common cancer associated with AIDS?
Which among the following disease is not due to aedes mosquitoes?
Constant presence of a disease within a geographical area?
The most important cause of diarrhea in infants and children is?
The drug used for chemo-prophylaxis of leptospirosis?
Fist dose of vitamin A is given along with which vaccine?
Which of the following symptom is most commonly associated with Vitamin C deficiency?
Waste water from a community which contain solid and liquid excreta is known as?
Swine flu influenza is caused by the virus?
Community Health Nursing Questions Part 3
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Community Health Nursing Quiz

  1. Orthotolidine test is used for detecting?
  2. Chlorine

  3. Monday fever is also known as?
  4. Bagassosis

  5. Scotch tape swab is used to identify?
  6. Tape worm
    Pin worm

  7. Prevention of risk factors related to a disease condition is known as?
  8. Primordial prevention
    Primary prevention
    Secondary prevention
    Tertiary prevention

  9. Sentinel surveillance is used to?
  10. Know the total number of affected people
    Know the hidden cases in the community
    Compare the incidence
    Measure incidence and prevalance

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