Anatomy Image Based Questions

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Anatomy Image Based Questions

Identify the anatomical location where the thumb kept?
Identify the abnormal communication marked in picture?
Identify this abnormal gait?
Identify the red marked anatomical area?
Identify the red marked articular surface?
Identify the movement of shoulder demonstrated in picture?
Which muscle is red colored here helping the movement?
Identify the aneurysm based on it's location?
Identify the green marked area in between eye brows?
Identify this abnormal uterus?
Identify the question marked area?
Identify the triangle marked area?
Which pulse is palpating in picture?
Identify red marked part?
Identify pink color marked gland?
identify green marked bone
Identify the red marked muscle?
Identify the soft part hanging from middle of the soft palate?
Anatomy Image Based Questions
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