AIIMS Nursing Officer Exam Practice Questions and Answers

aiims nursing officer exam practice questions

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AIIMS Nursing Officer Exam Practice Questions and Answers

All the following enzymes are secreted by gastrointestinal system except?
Which of the following actions would a nurse take first when caring for a patient experiencing a cardiac arrest?
A nurse must be aware that eating Maize alone may lead onto?
To avoid pulling the urinary catheter nurse should tape the catheter on patient's?
Nurse giving oxygen therapy should know that it has to be humidified because?
A nurse observes palmar erythema and she understands that it is met within?
When helping a stroke patient, nurse should assist?
What should be the position of the limb, a nurse should maintain in a patient who had undergone right hip prosthesis surgery?
Nurse engaged in suction process of Tracheostomy in situ patient, who requires frequent suctioning. How long she should do suctioning every time?
A nurse caring for a head injury comatose patient. Which intervention she should implement to prevent increased intracranial pressure?
16 yr old primigravid patient admitted with severe pregnancy-induced hypertension is given intravenous magnesium sulfate. The nurse should obtain which one of the following information?
Nurse taking care of a pregnant lady is being asked about when to start breast feeding. What should be her appropriate reply?
Persistent generalized lymphadenopathy, is caused by?
When a post operative patient develops evisceration what a nurse should do?
When caring for a patient who has intermittent claudication, nurse advises the patient to?
A newly married healthy couple is asking for the best method of contraception and which one of the following methods a nurse will advice?
Aspermia is the term used to describe
What recommendation a nurse should give to 55 yr old patient with blood pressure of 150/90 mmHg?
Which IUCD needs to be replaced only after 10 years
Oxygenated blood enter the fetal circulation from umbilical vein via?
All are high risk factors for endometrial carcinoma, except?
A nurse is caring for an old lady with osteoarthritis and all the following facts are true regarding osteoarthritis, except?
Which type of solution causes water to shift from cells to plasma?
How a nurse will teach breathing exercise for a patient with chronic bronchitis?
Which one of the following nursing measures would be most appropriate in the care of the patient who has acute epistaxis?
AIIMS Nursing Officer Exam Practice Questions and Answers
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