NIMHANS Nursing Exam More Practice Questions and Answers

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All enzymes are actually?
The best enhancer of iron absorption in the body?
The acid used as a sedative in Hypnotism?
Who is known as father of sociology?
The biochemical substances that stimulates other neurons?
Modification of behavior through experience is?
The hormone insulin is?
The theory of moral reasoning was given by?
The carbohydrate which cannot be hydrolyzed in human digestive system?
"Individuals learn from his own mistakes" This statement is based on which learning theory?
The smallest unit of element which takes part in a chemical reaction?
Which of the following is a rich source of Vitamin E?
Operant conditioning theory was given by?
All the glands are made up of?
The site of protein synthesis in a cell is?
Trichology is a study of?
Who is the father of Behaviorism?
Which of the following lens is prescribed for the correction of astigmatism of human eye?
Prevalence study is also known as?
Bacteria that are self food producing are known as?
Delusion of being wolf?
Which among the following is an example of simple lipids?
Who is known as humanistic psychologist?
Which of the following is an example of conditionally essential fatty acid?
A source of soluble fibre?
Which of the following nutrient is known as the sunshine vitamin?
Among the following which is not a part of Limbic system?
NIMHANS Nursing Exam More Practice Questions and Answers
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