NIMHANS Staff Nurse Recruitment Practice Questions and Answers

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nimhans staff nurse exam practice questions

NIMHANS Staff Nurse Recruitment Practice Questions and Answers

The following is not an extrapyramydal symptom?
A specific type of imaging that uses a low dose of X-ray system to examine breast?
One gram protein gives?
The world environment day is celebrated on?
Difficulty in swallowing is termed as?
Water has highest volume and lowest density at?
An example of calcium channel blocker?
Yellow flowers appears in green light?
Thiamine deficiency can lead to?
Multi drug resistant Tuberculosis is one that is at least resistant to?
The HCG level in normal pregnancy reach a peak in?
Dread of high places is called?
An example of proton pump inhibitor?
Therapeutic blood level of lithium is?
The body temperature of a patient admitted with typhoid fever is 38 degree celsius, convert it into Fahrenheit?
The hyper pigmented patch on the cheeks and face of the pregnant woman is known as?
Normal blood urea level?
Hearing loss associated with aging is known as?
Inflammation of the cornea is called?
After snake bite which of the following one is not a correct management?
Prevention of Food Adulteration Act was enacted by Indian Parliament in the year?
Smallpox was officially declared eradicated from the entire world by W.H.O in the year?
Electromangetism invented by?
A type of delusion in which patient reports of non-existence of self or world?
The first mammary secretion is called?
NIMHANS Staff Nurse Recruitment Practice Questions and Answers
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