25 Points for Effective Study for Preparing Any Exam

25 Points for Effective Study

Crow and Skinner have listed 25 suggestions for the development of habits of effective Study. They are

1. Study with a definite purpose in hand.
2. Evaluate immediate and remote goal.
3. Provide a definite place for study.
4. See that physical conditions are conducive to study.
5. Plan and follow a definite time schedule.
6. Look for the main ideas of reading materials.
7. Cultivate the habit of reading rapidly and carefully.
8. Outline the study materials.
9. Take brief, well organized notes in your own language.
10. Evaluate the difficulty of the material.
11. While reading, raise the significant questions on the material to be learned; then answer them.
12. Study with intent to recall.
13. Attend carefully to all illustrative material.
14. Complete all study assignments.
15. Let active study and rest period be interpersed with each other.
16. Try to learn the unit or lesson as a ‘whole’ when possible.
17. Concentrate on what you are studying at the moment.
18. Shut out all emotional distractions.
19. Overlearn sufficiently so that delayed recall is possible.
20. Learn to summarize and review what you have learned or read.
21. Be alert to ideas emphasized by the teacher.
22. Think over the statements made by the author and try to challenge them.
23. Find out what several authorities say about a topic or an idea.
24. Apply subject matter learned in as many practical situations as possible.
25. Make intelligent use of the dictionary.

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