Diagnostic Tests in Different Medical Conditions

List of Diagnostic Tests in Different Medical Conditions

  1. Adom Test- Scoliosis
  2. Aldehyde test- Leprosy
  3. Allen test- ABG Analysis
  4. Arthrocentesis: Joint inflammation and infection
  5. Auspitz’s sign: Psoriasis
  6. Bangle Test- Protein-Energy Malnutrition
  7. Becker’s sign: Thyrotoxicosis
  8. Benedict Test- Glucose in urine
  9. Binet  Test- intelligence quotient
  10. Blumberg’s sign: Peritonitis
  11. Bonny Test / Marshall Test- Stress Incontinence
  12.  Braden scale: to measure the integrity of bedsore
  13.  Burrow ink test: Scabies / The itch
  14. Confrontation Test- Central and Peripheral Vision
  15.  Creatinine clearance test – Estimation of GFR
  16. D-Dimer Test – measuring Clot formation(DVT, PE, DIC)
  17.  Dexa scan – Bone metabolic disease Eg. Osteoporosis
  18. Dexamethasone suppression test: ACTH or Pituitary / adrenal gland tumor
  19. Dick Test- Scarlet Fever
  20. Direct Coomb test- Haemolytic Anaemia
  21. Fern Test or Nitrazine Test- leakage of Amniotic fluid
  22. Frei Test- Lymphogranuloma inguinale
  23. Glucose tolerance test – Diabetes Mellitus
  24. Glycosylated Haemoglobin/Hb1AC Test- Diabetes Mellitus
  25. Gold QuntiFeron Test- Tuberculosis
  26.  Guthrie Test – Phenylketonuria
  27. Hanging Drop Test – Cholera
  28.  Heel to shin test – CSF leakage
  29. Hey Test- Bile Salt in Urine
  30. Histamine Test- Leprosy
  31.  Holter Monitoring – 24 hour ECG monitoring in Dysrhythmia
  32. Ishihara Test- Color Vision test
  33. Jegar’s type Card test- Near Vision
  34. Knee Kiss Test- Meningitis in Children
  35. KveimTest- Sarcoidosis
  36. Ortho-Toluidine Test- Check Chlorine in Water.
  37. Pap smear: Cancer of the cervix
  38. Patch Test- Allergic Reaction
  39. Paul Bunnell Test- Epstein Barr Virus
  40. Phalen’s / Tinel’s Test- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  41. Phosphate test- Pasteurization
  42. Rinne and Weber test – Hearing
  43. Roller Over Test- Pre-Eclampsia
  44. Romberg Test- Neurological Function/balance or gait
  45. Rothera test- Acetone in Urine
  46. Rubin test- Patency of fallopian tube
  47. Schick test- Diphtheria
  48. Schilling Test – Vitamin B12 Absorption
  49. Shake Test / Bubble Test- Surfactant and fetal Lungs maturity
  50. Smith test- Bile Pigment in Urine
  51. Snellen Chart Test- Distance Vision
  52. Sweat chloride test- Cystic fibrosis
  53. Tape Test- Pin Worm
  54. Tensilon Test- Myasthenia Gravis
  55. Tourniquet Test- Dengue
  56. Treadmill/Stress Test-heart function
  57. Trendelenburg test- varicose vein
  58. Triple Test- Down Syndrome
  59. Tzank Test- Herpes Genital or Varicella
  60. Urea breath test- H. Pylori
  61. VDRL test- Syphilis
  62. VMA (Vanillylmandelic acid test) – Pheochromocytoma
  63. water deprivation Test- Diabetes Insipidus
  64. Weil Felix test- Rickettsial infections
  65. Widal test-Typhoid (on 2nd week)
  66.  Wood’s Light examination: Superficial infection of the skin

Cancer Diagnostic Tests

CA 15-3: breast cancer

CA 19-9: GIT (Pancreatic, liver cancer)

CA 125: Ovarian cancer

AIDS diagnostic tests

ELISA Test – Screening for HIV

Western Blot test – Confirmation Test for HIV

CD4 count – Predictor of HIV (< 200) P24 Antigen Assay test: Indicates Active HIV Replication or seen in pregnancy

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