Nurisng Quiz Related World Osteoporosis Day, October 20

Nurisng Quiz Related World Osteoporosis Day, October 20

Pediatric Nursing Part-1; Click here

Total Quiz Questions=10

  1. A nurse is conducting health screening for osteoporosis, which of the following clients is at greatest risk of developing this disorder
  2. a) A 25-year old woman who jogs

    b) A 36-year old man who as asthma

    c) A 70-year old man who consumes excess alcohol

    d) A sedentary 65-year old woman who smokes cigarettes

  3. A nurse obtaining a health history from a client and is assessing for risk factors associated with osteoporosis, Which of the following assessment findings is an unassociated risk factor
  4. a) High calcium diet.

    b) Postmenopausal age.

    c) Long-term use of corticosteroids.

    d) Family history of osteoporosis.

  5. A nurse is providing instructions to a client with osteoporosis regarding appropriate food items to include in the diet, the nurse tells the client that which food item provide the least amount of calcium
  6. a) Plain yogurt.

    b) Seafood.

    c) Sardines.

    d) Pork.

  7. A community health nurse is providing a teaching session on osteoporosis to women living in the community, the nurse informs these community residents that which of the following is a risk factor for this disorder
  8. a) A larger skeletal frame.

    b) A high dietary intake of calcium.

    c) Low thyroid hormone levels.

    d) A diet low in Vitamin D.

  9. An older female client is diagnosed with osteoporosis, the nurse teaches the client about self-care measures because the client is most at risk for which of the following as a result of this disorder of the bones
  10. a) Loss of appetite.

    b) Fractures.

    c) Nutritional deficiencies.

    d) Diarrhea.

  11. The immobile client is at risk for disuse osteoporosis, the nurse understands that which of following substances plays an important role in the bone remodeling process
  12. a) Vitamin C.

    b) Vitamin A.

    c) Calcitonin.

    d) Thyroid hormone.

  13. Which of the following test is considered as gold standard to assess osteoporosis
  14. a) CT Scan.

    b) X-ray.

    c) Gallium study.

    d) Bone density test.

  15. Which treatment for osteoporosis is considered as mainstay of therapy for perimenopausal women
  16. a) Weight bearing exercises.

    b) Hormone replacement therapy.

    c) High phosphate diet.

    d) Smoking cessation.

  17. Which of the following condition may occur with osteoporosis
  18. a) Pigeon chest.

    b) Funnel chest.

    c) Kyphoscoliosis.

    d) Barrel chest.

  19. The prolonged intake of the following medications are may leads to osteoporosis except
  20. a) Estrogen supplements.

    b) Corticosteroids.

    c) Furosemide.

    d) Anti-rejection medicines after heart transplant.

    Risk factors for osteoporosis include female gender, postmenopausal, advanced age, low-calcium diet, excessive alcohol intake, being sedentary, and smoking cigarettes. Long-term use of corticosteroids, anticonvulsants, and/or furosemide (Lasix) also increases risk.

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