Navodaya Vidyalaya Nursing Exam Practice Questions

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The tallest statue in the world?
Angina occurs due to?
Mercury thermometer works on the principle of?
Feminine gender of fox is?
The shared terminal duct of the reproductive system and urinary system in human male is?
Grouping of ABO blood is based on?
Which noble gas is known as stranger gas?
Blood pressure is defined as the force with which blood?
An organism which don't have loop of Henle will excrete?
Larynx is present in between?
Layer which supplies nutrition to the eye structure is?
Sachin Rathi associated with which sport?
Oviducts are also called?
Who is called the father of first aid?
Several mammary ducts joins to form a wider mammary ampulla, which is connected to?
Which vitamin is known as beauty vitamin?
The major source of electricity in India?
Which is known as Marsh gas?
Funnel-shaped part of oviduct closer to the ovary is?
Systolic pressure in a normal human is?
The main function of fimbriae of fallopian tube is?
Head quarters of Bhabha Atomic Research Center or BARC?
Plural form of larva is?
Reflex actions are controlled by?
Friction on the lung on the lung surface is reduced by?
Navodaya Vidyalaya Nursing Exam Practice Questions
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