RUHS MSc Nursing Entrance 2019 Questions & Answers

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RUHS MSc Nursing Entrance

Atropine sulphate act as a?
The term gavage indicates?
The rashes of the chickenpox first appear on?
The second heart sound ‘dup’ is heard due to?
Hyperpyrexia is?
What is the full form of HELLP syndrome?
The level of immunity that is present in a population against an infectious agent is known as?
Which of the following arterial blood gas value is consistent with metabolic acidosis?
A nurse is caring for a client who has spontaneous abortion. For what complication the nurse should assess?
During hemodialysis, which of the following drug is used to prevent blood clotting?
The constant presence of disease within a geographic area is known as?
Which of the following is not excreted in breast milk?
Robert sign is found in?
The strongest and largest bone of the face is?
The full form of AEFI?
For delivery of the aftercoming head in breech presentation, specially designed forceps is used?
Which hormone is essential for milk production?
The correct position to palpate the apical pulse is at the?
Commonest cause of infant mortality rate in India is?
The vaginal pH in reproductive period is?
Gradual decrease of the body’s temperature is known as?
Polio is the primary infection of?
The condition in which leading edge of the uterine prolapse extends from 1 cm above to 1 cm below the hymenal ring is staged as?
The epithelial tissue which lines the urinary bladder is?
In following which is gram positive bacilli?
Sperms are produced by?
Presbyopia is treated by?
Dose of DMPA is?
What is the antidote of magnesium sulphate?
Internal rotation of the fetal head occurs during labor at?
The term refers to all current cases existing at a point/period of time in a given population is known as?
The organism responsible for filariasis?
The condition in which the bleeding is so irregular and excessive that the menses cannot be identified is known as?
During delivery, on vaginal examination, palpation of fetal blood vessels lies in front of the fetal presenting part through intact membrane is known as?
In following which is not a function of the insulin?
Low level of oxygen in the blood is known as?
The course for community health officer is?
Prolong suctioning of the Tracheostomy may cause?
Complete destruction of all microorganisms is effected by the use of?
A suspected pregnancy is confirmed by the presence of HCG in urine or serum after how many days of missed period?
Gold standard in confirming malaria is?
A client arrives from surgery to the post anaesthesia care unit. The nurse should complete which of the following respiratory assessment first?
Life span of RBC is?
A Foley’s catheter operates by the principle of?
Fertilization of two ova released in different menstrual cycle is known as?
The polio virus enters in the body by?
Which structure of the eye is helpful in changing the thickness of lens?
Which of this nerves passes through the foramen magnum?
Vaccine against rota virus is given in which route?
Smith’s test is used to detect?
Endoscope is sterilized by?
Which prostaglandin helps in cervical ripening?
Which of the following conditions is an early symptom commonly seen in myasthenia gravis?
Infusion of 500 ml normal saline over 6 hours requires how many drops per minute when the drop factor is 15 drops per minute?
In hospital, non infectious wastes should be discarded in?
During face presentation attitude of the head will be?
Ringer lactate is contraindicated in?
The most common cause of myocardial infarction is?
According to CRS registration of birth within?
Color of the nitrous cylinder is?
RUHS MSc Nursing Entrance
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