NVS Staff Nurse Previous(2018) Questions and Answers

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nvs nursing exam previous question paper
Here are the previous questions and answers of NVS staff nurse exam conducted in 2018. It will help you to prepare the upcoming written or online staff nurse exam in September 2019

Claustrophobia refers to the abnormal fear of?
National institute of rural development and panchayathi raj has main campus in?
From the options given below, choose the correct collective noun you will choose for 'eggs'?
Which among the following is an eating disorder?
Scabies is a skin disorder caused by?
Mantoux test is an intradermal test for the diagnosis of infection with?
Autoclave is a method of sterilization by
Mechanism of action of the drug aspirin in angina pectoris?
The mortality of neonates occurring during the period between 28 weeks of pregnancy to 7 days after birth per 1000 total birth is called?
Inflammation of vein is called?
The condition abruptio placentae leads to?
From the options given below, fill in the blank with the correct adjective: The ___________ patient on the UK transplant waiting list, an eight-week old baby, has received a new heart
Acquaporins are?
Intestinal bacterial flora helps in the synthesis of?
Epstein-Barr virus is especially affects?
Choose the option that oppose the one word substitute for "the smell that often accompanies the first rain after a long period of hot and dry weather"?
The most common indication fro electroconvulsive therapy is?
Painful menstruation is known as?
Who was been awarded the 2017 Nobel prize in literature?
The primary pacemaker in the mammalian heart is?
Most commonly used urinary catheter is?
The condition the cholelithiasis refers to stone in
Oligohydramnios in pregnancy refers to
Hookworm refers to the helminth?
Hormone rennin is synthesized by?
From the options given below, choose the one that cannot be used as a collective noun for 'ships'?
Biochemical test in sub-clinical hypothyroidism shows?
Bitot spot in the conjunctiva occurs due to the deficiency of?
The amount of blood pumped out by each ventricle per minute is called?
The expectoration of blood from the respiratory tract is called?
The vector that transmit the disease Kala azar is?
Gastric lavage is a procedure done to wash or irrigate the?
Break bone fever is common in infection with?
The naturally occurring anticoagulant in blood is
The mode of infection of Hepatitis B virus is mainly?
NVS Staff Nurse Previous(2018) Questions and Answers
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