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Image-Based Quiz

AIIMS Nursing Officer Recruitment || Image Quiz

Image-based questions are frequently asking in every nursing officer exam so it is important to identify important instruments and conditions through its appearance
Identify this instrument
Most probable diagnosis of the child
Which procedure is demonstrated here?
Which radiological examination given below?
Identify the instrument
Identify the instrument?
Identify the primary diagnosis
Identify the instrument
Identify the instrument
Which type of screw given in picture?
Identify the instrument
Identify this traction instrument
Identify this abnormal teeth shape
Identify the instrument?
Which pain assessment scale given here?
Identify this instrument set?
Identify the condition
Identify the intrument
Which ophthalmic procedure is demonstrated here
Identify the condition
Identify this condition?
What is the most probable diagnosis of this child?
Identify the instrument
Identify the instrument
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AIIMS Nursing Officer Recruitment || Image Quiz
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RRB Staff Nurse Recruitment Practice Questions – 1

RRB Staff Nurse Recruitment 2019 Practice Questions

These nursing questions are made for those who candidates preparing for Railway Staff Nurse exam. By practice only you can achieve your goal.
The test that is most specific for myocardial damage?
The Audit which is conducted between two regular audits?
Serum albumin is administered to a client for?
A baby will be able to hold its head by?
Which of the following abnormal blood value would not be improved by dialysis?
Test used to assess adequacy of chlorination of water?
Touching a patient or holding a patient without consent?
The position ideal for Ryle’s tube insertion?
An immediate complication for a neonate who is with 3.8 kg body weight and born of a G.D.M mother?
The leading cause of death in adolescence is?
Contraindication for group therapy?
Which of the clinical finding will the nurse identify while assessing a client with fever?
RRB Staff Nurse Recruitment 2019 Practice Questions
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Drug Overdose Poisoning and Antidotes

Quiz Questions- Poisoning and It’s Antidotes

In Organophosphorus poisoning which of the following traditional medicine is used ?
Which of the following drug is used as an antidote of anticholinergic poisoning ?
Which drug is used in acetaminophen overdose ?
What will be the serum lithium level in Lithium toxicity?
Which therapeutic agent is called the universal antidote?
The Oxygen inhalation is used in the treatment of ………. Poisoning
In which medicine overdose, the Protamine sulfate is administered ?
Which of the following medicine can be used in severe lead poisoning ?
The drug Deferoxamine is administered in which drug overdose ?
What medicine is useful to treat mushrooms poisoning?
In which poisoning the drug Penicillamine is administered as an antidote ?
which is drug of choice in Isoniazid (INH) toxicity ?
Which of the following remedy used in the treatment of insulin overdose?
In which medicine overdose the Vitamin K is administered as an antidote ?
How does the overdose of Benzodiazepines is treated?
In which poisoning the Digibind is used as an effective antidote ?
What is the adult dose of naloxone in opioid poisoning?
What medicine is used for treatment of Drug-induced movement disorders?
What you meant by Idiosyncrasy in pharmacology?
Quiz Questions- Poisoning and It's Antidotes
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Infection Control Nursing

Infection Control Nursing Quiz

When using alcohol-based hand rub, you should
Which of the following is not a hospital acquired infection or nosocomial infection?
Most health-care-associated infections are transmitted to patients:
Which of the following is not considered a portal of entry for bacteria?
What is the most effective way to help prevent the spread of organisms?
How does MRSA and other multi-drug-resistant organisms can be transmitted?
Which one of the following hand drying method may spread more micro-organisms to hand and surrounding in recent studies?
What should you do after taking a break, before returning to work, in order to help prevent the spread of infection?
In VAP(Ventilator associated pneumonia) patient what is a standard angle of degree to the head end of the bed should be elevated?
When diagnosing an infection with Clostridium difficile, which type of specimen is necessary?
The plank pain and fever is the indication of which nosocomial infection
Development of an infection occurs in a cycle that depends on the presence of all the following elements except which one?
Infection Control Nursing Quiz
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Medical & Surgical Nursing

Medical & Surgical Nursing Quiz Questions - 25 No.s

The blood test to be monitored in patients receiving oral anticoagulants?
Athelet’s foot is caused by?
The difference between systolic and diastolic pressure is known as?
Which of the following condition is used to treat with the drug Isosorbide dinitrate ?
Heart is supplied with which nerve?
A patient who has a pacemaker might be ineligible for which of the following investigation?
The wheezing sound of asthmatic patient is due to?
The complication that nurse should monitor after a liver biopsy is?
Which of the following sign represents bleeding from artery?
Which of the following term represents stone in the salivary gland?
Which condition would cause in human by the UV radiation from the sun?
The type of shock occurs in the acute stage of burns?
Causative organism for infectious mononucleosis?
The instrument used for intraoccular pressure?
Which among the following food item is restricted in renal failure?
Which lab test is to be monitored while the client is on aminoglycocides therapy?
Eustachian tube opens on the lateral wall of?
Pigmentation of skin is due to?
The position given to a patient with increased intracranial pressure?
In haemoptysis, the color of the blood will be?
The spinal cord extends from the brain stem to the level of which vertebrae?
The inflammation of gall bladder is known as?
The antidote of paracetamol ?
A patient with Parkinson’s disease would be at risk of falling as a result of?
The Bacteriolytic enzyme present in saliva?
A patient in the ICU suddenly develops respiratory distress and becomes cyanotic. What is your immediate action?
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Medical & Surgical Nursing Quiz Questions - 25 No.s
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Oncology Nursing

Oncology Nursing Quiz Questions

Which of the following is a Malignant tumor of the connective tissue?
Commonest carcinoma deaths of the world is due to cancer of ?
Test used to detect cervical cancer?
Which of the following is a high risk factor of bladder cancer?
Use of drugs to kill tumor cells by interfering with cellular function and reproduction is known as?
Goals of chemotherapy?
Which of the following statement is correct about malignant tumor?
Breast cancer is commonly is detected at home by?
Commonest spinal tumor?
Most common site of cancer in Pancreas?
What is the most common type of cancer among woman in the world?
Which of the following is suggested surgical intervention for Ca Prostate?
The diagnosis of cancer in which a sample of tissue is taken and examined under microscope is known as?
Common cancer of oral cavity?
Which of the following is a risk factor of developing breast cancer?
Commonest symptom of cancer of urinary bladder?
Which is the best time of month to perform a breast self examination?
Which of the following is a malignant cartilage tumor?
Common malignant bone forming tumor?
Which of the following is the early symptom of cancer of vocal cord?
Oncology Nursing Quiz Questions
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