Psychology – NIMHANS & DSSSB Staff Nurse Exam Question Paper 2019

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Psychology - NIMHANS, DSSSB Staff Nurse Exam Question Paper 2019

The arterial blood gas or ABG report of the client shows a pH of 7.32, pCO2 52 mmHg, pO2 85 mmHg and HCO3 of 27mEq/L. The Nurse interprets that the client has?
Perception is?
The personality disorder that is charecterized primarily by mistrust is?
Which of the following is not a type of thinking?
The left down reflex during breast feeding is influenced by the hormone?
The nurse is reviewing the laboratory values of a patient scheduled for surgery. Which one of the following results is unfavorable?
The initial sex drive arise from?
Which one of the following is the most potent stimulus for erythropoietin production?
All behavior can be said to be?
In following which sentence is true regarding thinking?
One of the major complication that occur during hemodialysis is?
According to Thorndike, all of the followings are the laws of learning except?
A specific ability to learn and develop particular skills is known as?
Which of the following methods are involving in scientific problem solving?
Theory of cognitive development was developed by?
Which of the following is not a type of intelligence?
Classical conditioning theory of learning was proposed by?
Thinking is also known as?
The ability of a person to develop something new which was not in existence is known as?
Who was classified personality as extrovert and introvert?
Thinking is a mental process that deals with?
Simplest form or method of thinking is?
While monitoring a child after tonsilectomy, the nurse observes him swallowing frequently. This indicates that the child is?
Which of the following age group of children , engage in parallel play?
In the Maslow's need hierarchy model which of the following need is kept above the safety needs?
All of the following are subjective method of personality assessment except one?
Which test is important for selection of a person in a specific job?
Which of the following factors affect learning process?
Psychology - NIMHANS, DSSSB Staff Nurse Exam Question Paper 2019
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