Practice Test for NIMHANS, DSSSB and NVS Nursing Officer Exam

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Practice Test for NIMHANS, DSSSB and NVS Nursing Officer Exam

Lapromin test is done for?
Most suitable for cholera patient is?
Affect commonly seen in schizophrenia patients?
Which of the following Forceps is needed during difficult intubation?
"Finger Food" should be used in which type of patient?
The procedure involves removal of the head of the pancreas, the duodenum, a portion of the common bile duct, gall bladder, and sometimes part of the stomach and anastamosis to jejunum?
Bite cells are seen in?
Most potent loop diuretic is?
Following are major psychiatric emergencies, except?
Impaired insight is evident in?
Tetracycline should not be taken with?
Which schizophrenia having good prognosis?
K-complex and Sleep spindles are seen in?
A client with a fluid volume deficit is receiving an I.V infusion of Dextrose 5% in water and Ringer Lactate solution at 125 ml/hour. Which data collection finding indicates the need for additional I.V fluids?
The Time period between HIV infection and detection of antibody against it?
Antenatal use of lithium by mother can lead to which type of malformation in fetus?
Gingival hyperplasia is a side effect associated with which of the following drug?
All are Betalactum antibiotics except?
Orthopantomogram is taken to rule out the lesion in?
Japanese Encephalitis is caused by?
Which of the following is the most important nursing action when caring for a neutropenic patient?
Influenza can be treated by?
B2 Transferrin is a specific test done in?
Anti Malaria Programme celebrated in which month?
Scotch tape test done for?
Practice Test for NIMHANS, DSSSB and NVS Nursing Officer Exam
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