DSSSB – Previous Questions and Answers

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dsssb previous questions

DSSSB Previous Questions and Answers

DSSSB - Previously asked Nursing Question- will help the nurses to prepare for upcoming DSSSB exam, or any government exams, AIIMS staff nurse exam, etc.

The solution used to disinfect the bed linen of HIV positive patient is ----?
Which of the following position is given to a patient with severe breathing difficulty?
Post partum hemorrhage is loss of blood which is more than ?
Premature separation of a normally implanted placenta during the second half of pregnancy, usually with severe hemorrhage is known as?
Which of the following listed drug is proton pump inhibitor?
Which of the following is the preffered site for intramuscular injection in Infants?
Which of the following is a specific investigation to detect seizures?
While measuring central venous pressure the Zero point of the manometer is adjusted to ---- ?
If 500 ml of ringer lactate is to be administered in four hours, how many drops per minute it would be (drop factor =20 drops/ml ) ?
Which of the following can lead to greenish discoloration of the amniotic fluid?
Which of the following medication order is immediately and once only administration?
Which of the following position is used while administering enema?
Classic symptoms of deep vein thrombosis include all of the following except ----?
Which of the following drug is withheld if the patient ‘s pulse is less than 60 per minute?
Which of the following drug is Contraindicated in Pancreatitis?
Ineffectual straining at stool is known as ?
Nursing assessment for neurovascular status of the extremity with a cast include the following except ----?
While instilling ear drops , the ear canal of an adult is straightened by pulling the pinna-----?
Which of the following is used to assess the function of brain stem?
Purple – blue tinge discoloration of the cervix is ?
DSSSB Previous Questions and Answers
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