MRB Staff Nurse Exam Model Questions

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mrb staff nurse model questions
The Tamil Nadu Medical Recruitment Board (TN MRB) had announced the 2345 Nurse Vacancies through direct recruitment. This practice questions will help you to prepare well. To score high marks try it.

MRB Staff Nurse Exam Practice Questions

Which of the following is indicates normal intraocular pressure?
Severe allergic reaction to a drug is known as ?
Which of the following is used in the management of hyperkalemia?
Abnormal Proliferation of uterine endometrial tissue outside the uterus is known as ?
Lactulose is prescribed for patients with hepatic encephalopathy to ?
Which of the following is a manifestation of pyloric stenosis?
Which of the following is used as an antidote of organophosphorous poisoning?
Distended abdomen and absence of bowel sounds after abdominal surgery most probably indicates?
Which of the following is used to assess the level of consciousness?
Which of the following need to be performed before radial arterial cannulation to evaluate radial and ulnar artery patency?
Which of the following is not a clinical manifestation of diabetes mellitus?
Common risk of severe depression is ?
Which of the following is the most common cause of failure to pass meconium within the first 24 hours after birth ?
How much percentage of flow of oxygen in a red color venturi mask?
Apical pulse is assessed by placing the diaphragm of the stethoscope at the area of ?
Which of the following ECG finding indicates the presence of hypokalemia?
Inflammation of the tongue is known as ?
In which of the following usually have the dumping syndrome, as a complication?
One of the major cause for cirrhosis of liver ?
Distant vision is assessed by ?
MRB Staff Nurse Exam Practice Questions
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