JIPMER Staff Nurse Exam Previous Questions and Answers Series 4

JIPMER Staff Nurse Exam Previous Questions and Answers Series 4

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Total Quiz Questions=25
Mark/Question= 5
Total Marks=125
These Questions are asked on JIPMER staff nurse exam in 2013, here is final 25 nursing questions and answers out of 100 are included. It will be helpful for preparing upcoming JIPMER staff nurse exam.

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  1. Nurss caring for a retro positve patient with Molluscum Contagiosum. This secondary infection is caused by?
  2. a)Pox virus
    b)Papilloma virus
    c)Epstein Barr Virus
    d)Herpes Simplex Virus

  3. Nurse is about to insert Ryle’s tube for a patient. Before this act she must be aware of the distance between incisor teeth and gastro esophageal junction. Which of the following is correct distance?
  4. a)30 cm
    b)40 cm
    c)50 cm
    d)60 cm

  5. A nurse can decontaminate the HIV contaminated waste products with all the following, EXCEPT?
  6. a)Formaldehyde
    d)Sodium hypochlorite

  7. Twenty five years old male patient had sweating, palpitations and found to have blood sugar of 45mg/dl. Multiple similar episodes had been recorded in the past, corrected with glucose. Nurse caring for this patient should consider which one of the following diagnosis?
  8. a) Vipoma

  9. Nurse is about to catheterize bladder of a pregnant lady. She should be aware that all the following facts about female urethra are true, EXCEPT?
  10. a)It is about 1.5 inches in length
    b)It’s posterior to vaginal orifice
    c)It’s pierces thro’ urogenital diaphram
    d)It is straight and offers minor resistance for catheterization

  11. Physician wants central catheterization. Nurse has to know which vein he should make use of?
  12. a)Radial vein
    b)Femoral vein
    c)Basilic vein
    d)Cephalic vein

  13. Twenty five year old lactating mother presented with fever, acute breast pain and swelling. Which one of the following organisms cause this acute breast problems?
  14. a)Streptococcus

  15. Nurse caring for a patient with breast mass may have to know that all the following facts are true regarding fibroadenoma of breast EXCEPT?
  16. a)Rubbery, non- tender mass
    b)Move freely inside the breast
    c)Occurs in post menopausal women
    d)No tratment /exicison biopsy is usually dine

  17. Nurse has to council a pregnant lady regarding pueperium.She has to suggest the patient, the normal duration of pueperium. Which one of the following is normal duration of peuperium?
  18. a)2 Weeks
    b)4 Weeks
    c)6 Weeks
    d)8 Weeks

  19. All the following are complications if twin pregnancy EXCEPT ?
  20. a)Abortion
    b)Post maturity
    c)Low birth weight
    d)Congenital malformations

  21. Pre renal failure occurs in?
  22. a)Heart failure
    c)Toxic nephropathy

  23. Islets if langerhans are concentrated in which portion of pancreas?
  24. a)Head
    d)Uncinate process

  25. Hyper functioning of anterior pitutary in pre- pubertal children causea?
  26. a)Gigantism
    c)Addison’s disease
    d) Cushing’s disease

  27. All the following are associated with increased chance of acquiring HIV infectiin in women EXCEPT?
  28. a)Chlamydia infection
    b)Bacterial vaginosis
    c)Herpes simplex infection
    d) Trichomonas vaginalis infection

  29. Nurse caring a high risk pregnant lady with heart disease, must know,which one of the following valvular lesions cause death labor?
  30. a)Aortic stenosis
    b)Aortic regurgitation
    c)Mitral stenosis
    d) Mitral regurgitation

  31. Which one of the following cancer that does not metastasize commonly to the liver?
  32. a) Breast
    b) Lung
    c) Colon
    d) Prostate

  33. Direct action of parathyroid hormone include everything except?
  34. a) Increased resorption of calcium from bone
    b) Increased absorption of calcium from intestine
    c) Increased reabsorption of calcium from kidney
    d) Increased production of 1, 25 dihydroxy Vitamin D

  35. All of the following cancers have infective etiology except?
  36. a) Squamous carcinoma of penis
    b) Squamous carcinoma of lung
    c) Burkit’s lymphoma
    d) Kaposi’s sarcoma

  37. All are true regarding Vitamin A except?
  38. a) It is found in green leafy vegetables
    b) High dose in pregnancy is teratogenic
    c) Supplementation reduce mortality in measles
    d) Supplementation reduce morbidity in diarrhea

  39. What is the best way to be adapted by a nurse to avoid hematoma formation when undertaking venipuncture?
  40. a) Choose a vein that is soft and refills fast
    b) Tap the vein hard before venipuncture
    c) Apply firm pressure for 1 minute after procedure
    d) Apply heparin containing ointment after procedure

  41. Nurse is giving oxygen therapy should know that it has to be humidified because?
  42. a) Oxygen is a hot air and it may burn trachea
    b) Oxygen is a dry gas and thickens the mucus
    c) Oxygen gets cleaned of pathogens by humidification
    d) Oxygen is easily absorbed because humidification add H-ion to it

  43. Nurse engaged in suction process of tracheostomy in situ patient, who requires frequent suctioning; How long she should do suctioning every time?
  44. a) 15 seconds
    b) 30 seconds
    c) 45 seconds
    d) 60 seconds

  45. Nurse taking care of a pregnant lady is being asked about when to start breast feeding; what should be her appropriate reply?
  46. a) 2 hours after delivery
    b) 4 hours after delivery
    c) 6 hours after delivery
    d) 8 hours after delivery

  47. A nurse must be aware that eating Maize alone may lead onto?
  48. a) Beri-Beri
    b) Pellagra
    c) Scurvy
    d) Phrynoderma

  49. A nurse observes palmar erythema and she understands that it is met within?
  50. a) Cardiac failure
    b) Renal failure
    c) Hepatic failure
    d) Adrenal failure

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