Kerala PSC Staff Nurse Previous Questions and Answers

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kerala psc staff nurse questions

Kerala PSC Previous Questions and Answers

Trendlenburg position is provided for a patient with following conditions except?
Geriatric medicine is a specialty that focus on?
Massaging the insulin injection site leads to?
Whipple procedure is the surgical management of?
Kaposi sarcoma is common in?
The occupational disease caused by inhalation of cotton fiber dust over a long period of time?
The antidote for the magnesium sulphate in eclampsia in pregnancy is?
Largest cranial nerve?
Dilation of renal pelvis is known as?
Father of Indian surgery?
The increased blood flow to the pelvic organs in pregnancy render a bluish color is called?
Humidifier attached to a oxygen source helps to?
Route of administration of BCG vaccination is?
The concept public health was born in?
The pathogen responsible for malaria is?
First anti-psychotic drug used in schizophrenia?
Normal Intracranial pressure?
Collection of air in the subcutaneous tissue?
Minamata disease is due to the pollution of?
Epidemic outbreak of disease in bird population?
The normal pH of urine is?
ECG changes in cardiac ischemia is?
Melatonin is hormone secreted by?
Normal Serum Potassium level?
Digestive enzyme common to salivary glands and pancreas is?
Kerala PSC Previous Questions and Answers
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