Practice Questions and Answers for RRB Nursing Exam

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Artificial method of giving fluids and nutrition through tube is called?
Lithotomy position is used for operation on?
For mother receiving magnesium sulphate for symptoms of hypomagnesimia, an important sign for the nurse to note first is?
A nurse assess the patient respiratory status, which of the following symptom be an early indicator of hypoxia?
The mother's blood pressure climbs to 170/100 mmHg. Which of the following symptoms would suggest to the nurse that the patient may be about to convulse?
Total cessation of breathing is called?
Fibrinogen is converted into fibrin by?
Difficulty of swallowing is called?
For an operation, OT nurse should prepare?
Which of the following suture materials can be autoclaved for sterilization?
Which of the following clinical feature alert the nurse to lithium toxicity?
Volvulus is also referred as?
Venospasm can be lessened during transfusion of blood by?
Sudden return of body temperature from high to normal called?
The fetus gets its food supply from?
Sign and symptom of cardiogenic shock?
Fumigation is a type of disinfection by means of?
Abruptio placenta means premature seperation of?
A nurse perform the assessment of patient posted for Cesarean section delivery, which assessment would indicate the need to contact the doctor?
The nurse evaluate the adequacy of the neonates oxygen by monitoring?
Septicemia is?
Practice Questions and Answers for RRB Nursing Exam
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