Neurological Disorder – Stroke Quiz

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Neurological Disorder - Stroke Related Nursing Questions and Answers

Which of the following is the number one reason for the intracerebral hemorrhagic stroke?
The usual complications from a stroke may include all of the following except?
A Stroke patient is exhibiting , he has unable to comprehend the spoken word, can speak but may not make sense, This condition is termed as ?
Which type of a stroke that involves bleeding into the brain?
What is the term used for paralysis of the arm, leg,and trunk on the same side of the body due to Stroke or C.V.A?
All of the following general symptoms might be suggestive of a stroke except?
Which of the following abbreviation represents a "Mini-stroke"?
Which of the following drug may help to prevent an ischemic stroke in future?
What is known as a blood clot, fat globule or gas bubble created in one part of body that circulates in the blood stream?
Which of the following is not a modifiable risk factors for ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke?
Which of the following instrument may be used to assess the likelihood of a stroke patient being able to manage at home subsequent to hospital discharge?
Which is also known as Endovascular embolization?
A stroke caused by a blood clot is called -------- stroke
Neurological Disorder - Stroke Related Nursing Questions and Answers
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