Respiratory System Disoders – Nursing Quiz

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What is the normal ETCO2 value of an intubated patient?
Which of the nursing action is important before patient having chest x-ray?
Which of the following assessment indicates, patient's going to anaphylaxis and requires immediate treatment?
How long after tuberculin skin test, the nurse will assess the skin?
How long the nurse applies suction while doing patient's tracheostomy suction?
Which of the following pulse oximetry reading indicates patient has ineffective tissue perfusion?
What is the expected action of salbutamol nebulization ?
What is the name of the ridge of cartilage of trachea which divides to left and right main bronchi?
Which of the following is a classic symptom of pleurisy associated with pneumonia?
In what rate oxygen will administer to a chronic emphysema patient?
What is the reason for inflating tracheostomy cuff of the patient?
How should the nurse position the patient undergoing thoracentesis?
Which kind of ventilator invented first?
Which is the common side effect of injection aminophylline?
How do you calculate minute volume or minute ventilation of a respiration of client?
Which is the following is the common side effect of the first generation antihistamine cough syrup like benadryl?
What is the normal PaCO2 level of arterial blood?
What is the dangerous complication of prolonged use of mechanical ventilators?
Which is the best time to collect sputum sample?
Why does the vital capacity is low during pregnancy?
Respiratory System Disorders Nursing Questions and Answers
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Respiratory System Questions

  1. A client with bacterial pneumonia is to be started on antibiotic therapy. Which of the following diagnostic test must be completed before beginning antibiotic therapy?
  2. Urine analysis
    Sputum culture
    Chest radiograph
    RBC count

  3. When should the nurse collect the sample for sputum analysis?
  4. At the evening
    Just after the breakfast
    Early morning
    After aerosol therapy

  5. Which artery is the most prefered one for arterial puncture of ABG analysis?
  6. Femoral
    Internal iliac

  7. Which test should be done before doing arterial puncture at radial artery?
  8. Allen’s test
    Romberg’s test
    Queckenstedt’s test
    Caloric test

  9. Identify the correct nursing intervention for a patient after bronchoscopy?
  10. Increase fluid intae
    Monitor urine outpur
    Give oral fluid only after the return of gag reflex
    Maintain NPO for 1 day

Allen’s Test: In order to verify the patency of collateral circulation
Romberg’s test: Test of balance
Queckenstedt’s Test: Body mass index
Caloric test: Test for Brain stem function

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Respiratory System Quiz Questions

  1. Artery that supply blood to the diaphragm is called?
  2. Inferior mesenteric artery
    Suprarenal arteries
    Inferior phrenic arteries
    Coeliac arteries

  3. The cartilage that completely encircle the larynx with the narrow part anteriorly and broad part posteriorly is?
  4. Thyroid cartilage
    Cricoid cartilage
    Arytenoid cartilage

  5. Mr.X is admitted with suspected atelectasis. Which clinical inidicator does the nurse expect to identify during the assessment of client?
  6. Slow, deep respirations
    Diminished breath sounds
    A dry, unproductive cough
    None of these

  7. Barrel chest is seen in?
  8. Pneumonia

  9. Expected color of the drainage in acute rhinitis is?
  10. Clear

Respiratory System Question Part 3

  1. A patient with shortness of breath is being tested for lung cancer. Which of the following diagnostic test will be most conclusive?
  2. Chest X-ray
    Sputum culture

  3. In a client with chest tube, lack of fluctuation of water in a water seal chamber occurs due to?
  4. Kinking of tube
    Re expansion of lung
    Both a and b
    None of these

  5. How to ensure that intercostal drainage tube is functioning?
  6. Continuous bubbling in water seal bottle
    Continuous bubbling from suction tube
    Oscillation of water column in drainage bottle
    No bubbling in the drainage bottle

  7. DVT renders a person at a risk of?
  8. Pulmonary embolism
    Heart attac

  9. Respiratory drive in COPD patient is?
  10. Oxygen
    pH of the blood

Respiratory System Questions and Answers

1. Which of the following condition leads to respiratory acidosis?
a. Hyperventilation
b. Emphysema
c. Pain
d. Renal Pain

2. Which of the following condition leads to respiratory alkalosis?
a. Bronchiectasis
b. Fever
c. Vomiting
d. Colostomy

3. Which of the following is termed as respiratory function indicator?
a. PO2
b. PCO2
c. Saturation
d. Bicarbonate ion

4. ABG shows pH 7.45, PCO2 32 mmHg, bicarbonate level 22 mEq/L. Which of the following condition is expected?
a. Metabolic acidosis, compensated
b. Metabolic alkalosis, uncompensated
c. Respiratory alkalosis, compensated
d. Respiratory acidosis, uncompensated

5. In hypercapnia the PCO2 is greater than that of?
a. 35 mmHg
b. 45 mmHg
c. 40 mmHg
d. 50 mmHg

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