Community Health Nursing Quiz Questions- 2

Community Health Nursing Questions and Answers Part 3

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Total Quiz Questions=19
Mark/Question= 5
Total Marks=95
The most asked Community Health nursing questions and answers are included. It will be helpful for preparing the upcoming JIPMER, AIIMS, and RRB staff nurse exam.

1.Which of the following is the best spacing method for a woman who has one child?

a) Vasectomy
b) Tubectomy
c) Copper T
d) Oral Pills

2. Oral pills should not be given to women with which of the following condition?

a) Menstrual problems
b) Vaginal Infection
c) Asthma
d) Hypertension

3. Which term is used for insects those trans3mitting diseases?

a) Pathogen
b) Flies
c) Parasite
d) Vector

4. The point at which the chlorine demand of water is fully met is called _______?

a) Free point
b) Disinfection point
c) Saturation Point
d) Break point

5. Which one of the following is not prevented by a pentavalent vaccine?

a) Hepatitis B
b) Pertusis
c) Diphtheria
d) Polio

6. Who has discovered the Polio vaccine?

a) Jonas Salk
b) Luis Pasteur
c) Alexander Fleming
d) Konrad Zuse

7. Which one of the following is the deworming agent?

a) Detol
b) Mebedazole
c) Aspirin
d) Vancomycin

8. The process of developing and providing planned experiences to supply information, change attitudes and influence behavior is___?

a) Primary Prevention
b) Health promotion
c) Communication
d) Health education

9. What is the incubation period required for influenza?

a) 7 to 10 days
b) 1 to 2 days
c) 5 to 7 days
d) 10 to 14 days

10. Which one of the following is added to remove the temporary hardness of water?

a) Ammonia
b) Calcium Carbonate
c) Sulphur
d) Calcium hydroxide

11. Which of the following isolation is used when pathogens are transmitted through fecal matter?

a) Respiratory isolation
b) Enteric isolation
c) Contact precaution
d) Blood isolation

12. What is the other name of bad breath?

a) Halitosis
b) Asphyxia
c) Gas gangrene
d) Gingivitis

13. Which of the following is a most sensitive vaccine, that should store in -20 degrees Celsius?

a) Measles vaccine
b) Hepatitis vaccine
c) Polio vaccine
d) DPT vaccine

14. Which of the following is killed vaccine?

a) Rabies
b) BCG
c) MMR
d) OPV

15. Which of the following vaccine is given as intramuscular injection?

a) Measles
b) BCG
c) OPV
d) DT

16. Which of the following mosquitoes breed in dirty and polluted water?

a) Aedes
b) Mansonoids
c) Anopheles
d) Culex

17. Which of the following measures should use to prevent dengue fever in your community?

a) Drinking boiled water.
b) Remove all collections of water from tyres , broken toys etc.
c) Isolation
d) Hand hygiene

18. Which one of the following is an example of hormonal contraceptives?

a) Spermincidal jelly
b) Depoprovera
c) Diaphragm
d) Female condoms

19. What is the immediate treatment of dog bite?

a) Hospitalize.
b) Primary suturing.
c) Wash wound with soap and water
d) Application of ice.

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