Fundamentals of Nursing Quiz Questions

fundamentals of nursing

Test and improve your knowledge of  Fundamentals of Nursing with fun multiple choice exams . Fundamentals of Nursing Quiz.

Fundamentals of nursing subject is a basic of nursing care. All nursing cares are explained in this topic with their rationale. 

Fundamentals of Nursing Quiz Questions

Test and improve your knowledge of Fundamentals of Nursing with fun multiple choice exams you can take online with

Which of the complication may causes due to prolonged suctioning of tracheostomy?
The clinical manifestations that are objective are termed as ?
Cracking or ulceration of the lips and angles of the mouth is termed as ?
Drugs used to increase the amount of secretion of bile?
What is the main purpose of cardiac bed?
Collapsing pulse is also known as ?
Abbreviation ‘a.c’ in the medication order means?
Which of the following is the correct order of G.I assessment?
To flush out the urinary bladder with a liquid is known as ?
Appropriate size of rectal tube for giving enema for infant?
Which of the following is a symptom of fluid volume deficit ?
Hypodermal injections are also known as ?
Which of the following restraint technique is only used in infant?
In the following which bone is generally preferred for bone marrow aspiration?
Which of the following is not a favorable factor for healing?
Main objective of insertion of flatus tube in rectum is
Application of the drug to the skin is known as?
Which of the following is not a therapeutic use of hot application?
Which of the following bandage technique is used for head injury wound?
The fall of temperature in zigzag manner to normal is known as ?
Fundamentals of Nursing Quiz Questions
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Foundation of Nursing Questions and Answers

  1. The ideal temperature and pressure used for autoclaving?
  2. 119 Celsius at 12 psi
    120 Celsius at 15 psi
    121 Celsius at 15 psi
    122 Celsius at 16 psi

  3. Hot test is used to detect which of the following in urine?
  4. Bile

  5. Benedict test is used to detect?
  6. Sugar

  7. The yellow color deposit after Benedict test indicate?
  8. No sugar

  9. Rothera test is used to detect?
  10. Sugar

  11. Bile salts in urine is detected by which of the following test?
  12. Benedict’s test
    Rothera’s test
    Cold test
    Hay’s test

Fundamentals of Nursing Quiz Questions 3

  1. The theory that involves care and helps through which the client attains total self care is?
  2. Nightingale theory
    Orem’s theory
    Peplau’s theory
    Roy’s theory

  3. Highest level of need according to Maslow’s hierarchy among the following?
  4. Physiologic needs
    Self esteem
    Love and belonging
    Safety and security

  5. Which theory explains the nurse-patient relationship concepts like orientation, identification, exploitation and resolution?
  6. Leininger
    Dorothea Orem
    Hildegard Pepau
    Betty Neumann

  7. A system model that focus on the responses of the client system to actual or potential environmental stressors was developed by
  8. Betty Neumann
    Dorothea Orem
    Virginia Henderson
    Florence Nightingale

  9. Four conservation principle; energy, structural integrity, personal integrity and social integrity was described by?
  10. Leininger

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