Anatomy and Physiology Nursing Quiz Questions

anatomy and physiology quiz

Anatomy and Physiology Nursing Quiz Questions

Which of the following is the heaviest bone of the body?
Which of the following is a tenth cranial nerve?
The Squamous tissue is an example for?
Which of the following is modified and formed the rods and cones of retinal layer?
Largest muscle of Human body?
What is the total number of bones in human skull?
What is the life span of R.B.C?
Which one of the following is the largest Salivary Gland?
The Major extra cellular electrolytes are?
Smallest cell of the human body?
How many number of C-shaped rings are present in trachea?
Which of the following cranial nerve is responsible for eyeball movement?
Which of the following nerve is believed to be supplied to triceps muscles?
Which of the following is an only movable bone of skull?
Which of the following is not a function of medulla oblongata?
Which hormone is produced by pineal gland?
Which of the following neurotransmitter is present between neuron and muscle cell ?
What is the average length of ureter?
Cons receptors of eye , are mainly responsible for sensing?
Heart rate is initiated by?
Kidneys are composed of millions of functional units known as ?
Largest and most complicated joint in human body?
How many carpal bones are there in a hand?
Which of the following gland is an example of both endocrine and exocrine gland?
Total number of intercoastal muscles in the human body?
Anatomy and Physiology Nursing Quiz Questions
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Anatomy and Physiology Multiple Choice Questions

  1. The cerebrospinal fluid flows in the space between Arachnoid matter and?
  2. Piamater
    Ligamentum Flavum

  3. Arterial blood gas result with pH 7.3 and PCO2 is 46mm Hg denotes?
  4. Normal
    Respiratory acidosis
    Metabolic acidosis
    Respiratory alkalosis

  5. During rescue breathing in CPR, the victim will be exhale by?
  6. Normal relaxation of the chest
    Gentle pressure of rescuer’s hand on the upper chest
    Pressure of cardiac compression
    Turning the head to one side with arms up

  7. Mr. Shyju developed quadriplegia following a diving accident. The most likely cause is?
  8. C4 injury
    T3 injury
    L3 Injury
    T6 injury

  9. Which of the following clinical manifestations would support a nursing diagnosis to decreased cardiac output?
  10. Cool, moist skin
    Bouncing peripheral pulse
    Increased urinary output
    Diminished breath sounds

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