Eye Anatomy Quiz – Nursing Questions and Answers

Eye Anatomy Quiz

eye disorders

Eye - Nursing Questions and Answers

What is cataract?
What will happen due to the administration of high concentration Oxygen to a premature infants?
In which test, an electrode is placed over the eye to evaluate the electrical response to light, it is mainly used to evaluate the hereditary and acquired disorders of the retina?
What is the dose of Vitamin A supplement recommended by W.H.O for the infants of 6-11 months old?
Which of the following will cause exophthalmosis in children?
Which one the following is not a cause of ophthalmia neonatorum?
Which of the following abnormality will not cause emmetropia or refractive error?
Which of the following term is used for deviation of the visual axes from their normal alignment?
Which of the following is not a type of colour blindness?
Which one of the following condition is not seen in Glaucoma?
Eye - Nursing Questions and Answers
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Eye Anatomy Quiz

  1. The light sensitive and pigmented layer of tissue in the eye is?
  2. Lens

  3. Which of the following structure alters the size of the pupil?
  4. Ciliary muscle

  5. The process of automatic adjustment of retinal sensitivity when a person move from light to dark?
  6. Dark adaptation
    Light adaptation
    Light accomodation
    Dark accomodation

  7. Most common cause of blindness in India is?
  8. Cataract
    Refractive errors
    Vitamin A deficiency

  9. Most common form of conjunctivitis in newborn at birth is caused by?
  10. Chlamydia

Eye Anatomy Quiz

  1. Pin point is a characteristic of?
  2. Barbiturate poisoning
    Pontine hemorrhage
    Cocaine abuse

  3. Xanthelasma refers to?
  4. Dry mouth
    Dryness of conjuntiva
    Yellowish plagues that occurs most commonly near the inner canthus of eyelid
    Fatty growth develop underneath the skin

  5. An aged client with diabetes mellitus complaining of a painless peripheral loss of vision is at risk for?
  6. Cataract
    Angle-closure glaucoma
    Open-angle glaucoma

  7. Commonest type of glaucoma is?
  8. Primary open angle glaucoma
    Secondary open angle glaucoma
    Primary angle-closure glaucoma
    Secondary angle-closure glaucoma

  9. Golden period of eye donation is?
  10. 12 hours
    6 hours
    18 hours
    20 hours

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