AIIMS Raipur Nursing Officer Exam Previous Questions and Answers

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AIIMS Raipur Nursing Officer Exam Previous (2017) Questions and Answers

A nurse is aware that the best place to detect fetal heart sounds in the first trimester of pregnancy?
Which of the following item is not sterilized by antiseptic solution?
Informatics nursing is distinguished from other nursing specialties by its focus on?
Knowledge that is patterned for use in reasoning is known as?
Which group of drug is the choice for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder?
Eight Bits make up?
Which among the following is a filamentous bacteria?
Cardinal movement occur before expulsion is?
Among the following identify the long term effect of steroid therapy?
What is the widely used method to confirm the position of NG tube after insertion?
Name of the tissue which is widely and abundantly distributed in human body?
Which is the best test to detect Iron deficiency in a client?
Which of the following substance can lead to neurological injury in a newborn known as kernicterus?
Which is the most common occupational hazard of computer worker?
A child can withhold and postpone his bowel movement at the age of?
Which of the following is not a socio-economic indicator?
All the food item causes color to the urine except?
Why EDTA is not suitable for calcium estimation?
Which of the following is used for passive immunization?
Lead is widely used in variety of industries because of its properties, Except?
What is the recommended flow rate of oxygen via nasal cannula?
Which among the following drug is used in case of enuresis and chronic pain?
Which one of the following is the most lethal method of suicide?
The most important skill to be possessed by a nurse administrator working in a community set up?
All of the following reflexes are present in the newborn baby, except?
AIIMS Raipur Nursing Officer Exam Previous (2017) Questions and Answers
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