Medical and Surgical Nursing Questions & Answers with Rationale

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Medical and Surgical Nursing

Which type of immunoglobulin consists 75 – 85% in blood?
Large amount of citrated blood given over a short period of time causes?
Transplant rejection is an example of?
An inflammatory response to a pathogenic organism is termed as?
What is the other name of gas gangrene?
The characteristic smile present in tetanus due to the stiffness of neck and spasm of facial muscle is known as?
Which of the following is a type of isolation consists of plastic tent that completely shields the patient from environment?
A substance that when introduced into an animal elicits the formation of specific antibodies is known as?
The secondary response of the antibodies against the same antigen is termed as?
Which of the following is not a factor influencing inflammation?
The causes of Neurogenic shock may includes all of the following, except?
Tuberculin reaction is an example of?
An infection that involves the soft tissue of the fingertip is called?
What is the full of ‘TIGH’?
Which of the following is a wrong statement about Clostridium Tetani?
Why gamma globulin preparation is not administered through intravenously?
Which type of shock occurs due to failure of the heart to pump?
Which one of the following is not included in four classical signs of inflammation?
The type of cells are those which constantly multiply through out life replacing those cells being destroyed?
In Stress, the sympathetic-adrenal mechanism is activated, and it is achieved through?
Which immunoglobulin is known as macroglobulin?
Which of the following factor is not affecting the healing process?
If bacteria spread from local site into the blood stream is known as?
Medical and Surgical Nursing
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