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Staff Nurse Exam Questions and Answers

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Total Quiz Questions=28
Mark/Question= 5
Total Marks=140
Best Of Staff Nurse Exam Questions and Answers. You must try these nursing questions and answers before appearing any nursing interview, staff nurse exam or nursing school exam. It will be helpful for both nurses and student nurses.

1:-One ounce is equivalent to
a. Two tablespoons
b. Two teaspoons
c. One pint
d. One quart

2:-The form of preparation where medication is encased in a gelatin shell
a. Capsule
b. Pill
c. Tablet
d. Enteric coated tablet

3:-What advice will you give to a patient receiving budesonide inhalation using metered dose inhaler
a. Do not take food or fluids immediately after inhalation
b. Drink plenty of water
c. Rinse the mouth after inhalation
d. Stay in bed for few minutes after inhalation

4:-If a patients receiving IV fluid develops tenderness, warmth and erythema at the site of I cannula , nurse should suspect
a. Thrombosis
b. Sepsis
c. Infiltration
d. Phlebitis

5:-While performing wound dressing nurse should clean the wound from
a. Center to periphery
b. Periphery to center
c. Clean area to infected area
d. Infected area to clean area

Nursing Quizzes

6:-According to National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel a wound with exposed subcutaneous tissue belongs to
a. Stage 1
b. Stage 1
c. Stage III
d. Stage IV

7:-Frequency of removing and assessing the site of restraints in routine practice is
a. Every hour
b. Every 2 hour
c. Every 3 hour
d. Every 4hour

8:-Determinants of blood pressure are all of the following except
a. Pumping action of heart
b. Peripheral vascular resistance
c. Intra vascular fluid volume
d. Intra cellular fluid volume

9:-When a nurse select too wide bladder cuff for checking blood pressure, the reading
a. Will not be affected
b. Will be low
c. Will be high
d. Will be inconsistent

10:-Duration hand scrub during the procedure of medical hand washing as per CDC guidelines
a. 10 Sec
b. 20 Sec
c. 30 Sec
d. 40 Sec

Anatomy and Physiology Quiz

11:-Which among the following is NOT considered as a principle of surgical asepsis
a. Only sterile object is placed on a sterile field
b. Sterile object out of range of vision is considered as contaminated
c. Only the dry surface is considered as sterile
d. The edges of a sterile field is considered as sterile

12:-The point of maximum impulse of cardiac apex is best located at
a. Fifth inter costal space just medial to the left midclavicular line
b. Sixth inter costal space just medial to the left midclavicular line
c. Fifth inter costal space just lateral to the left midclavicular line
d. Sixth inter costal space just lateral to the left midclavicular line

13:-If the patient can take breath only in sitting or upright position is termed as
a. Eupnoea
b. Dyspnoea
c. Orthopnoea
d. Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnoea

Staff Nurse Exam Questions

14:-On palpation of abdomen nurse finds ‘tenderness of right iliac fossa’, it is an example of
a. Subjective data
b. Historical data
c. Objective data
d. Palpation data

15:-The technique of communication restating another person’s message more briefly using one’s own word is
a. Clarifying
b. Paraphrasing
c. Summarising
d. Focusing

16:-While placing bed pan the nurse should do the following EXCEPT
a. Keep the head of the bed flat
b. Keep the head of the bed 30° elevated
c. Place a small pillow under the lumbar curvature
d. Aşk patient to bend the knees

17:-Oliguria means urine output
a. < 0.5ml/kg/hour
b. < 0.7ml/kg/hour
c. < 0.8ml/kg/hour
d. < 1. Oml/kg/hour

18:-Nurse should maintain the head of bed elevated to 30o during and 2 hour after feeding to prevent
a. Gastric emptying
b. Tube displacement
c. Tube occlusion
d. Pulmonary aspiration

19:-The nursing theory focuses on self care needs of patient is put forth by
a. Dorothea Orem
b. Sister Calista Roy
c. Martha Rogers
d. Virginia Henderson

20:-The word ‘ineffective’ in the nursing diagnosis of ineffective breathing pattern’ is an example of
a. Descriptor
b. Risk factor
c. Related factor
d. Nursing diagnosis

Staff Nurse Exam Questions and Answers – PSC Questions

21:-Which among the following is an example of lymphoid tissue
a. Thyroid gland
b. Pancreas
c. Spleen
d. Adrenal gland

22:-An imaginary plane passing longitudinally through the body and dividing it into right and left halves
a. Median plane
b. Sagittal plane
c. Coronal plane
d. Transverse plane

23:-Large band of projection fibers situated in the inferomedial part of each cerebral hemisphere which connect cerebral cortex to lower parts of brain and spinal cord
a. Corona radiata
b. Internal capsule
c. Corpus callosum
d. Superior longitudinal fasciculus

24:-Largest and strongest bone of the face
a. Frontal bone
b. Zygomatic bone
c. Maxilla
d. Mandible

25:-Organ of Corti’ is located in the
a. Spiral lamina
b. Vestibular membrane
c. Stria vascularis
d. Basilar membrane

26:-Most important function of HCl in the stomach is
a. To convert trypsinogen to trypsin
b. To help in the digestion of fat
c. To convert pepsinogen to pepsin
d. To help in the digestion of starch

27:-Pneumotaxic center of respiration is located in
a. Midbrain
b. Pons
c. Medulla
d. Hypothalamus

28:-Most abundant type of connective tissue fiber is
a. Fibroblast
b. Collagen fiber
c. Reticular fiber
d. Elastic fiber

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PSC Nursing Questions

  1. Which of the following surgical procedure is not used in the correction of Hirschsprung’s disease?
  2. Duhamel’s procedure
    Swenson’s procedure
    Ramstedt’s procedure
    Soave’s procedure

  3. Which of the following condition is usually diagnosed with Wangensteen-Rice X-ray?
  4. Esophageal atresia
    Pyloric stenosis
    Anorectal malformation
    Cleft lip

  5. Wind swept sign/deformity seen in?
  6. Scurvy

  7. Shakir’s tape is used for?
  8. Measurement of height
    Measurement of length of infant
    Measurement of mid arm circumference
    Measurement of skin pad thickness

  9. Which of the following is not a acyanotic heart disease?
  10. Paten Ductus Arteriosus
    Atrial Septal Defect
    Ventricular Septal Defect
    Tetralogy of Fallot

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