Safdarjung Hospital Nursing Exam Provisional Answer Key Part – 3

Safdarjung Hospital Nursing Exam Provisional Answer Key Part – 3

Community Health Nursing Part-1

Total Quiz Questions=30
Mark/Question= 5
Total Marks=150
This is provisional answer key only, and can used for learning purpose only.Official answer key is not yet published, will publish safdarjung hospital official website later.

  1. The normal range of CVP is?
  2. a). 10 to 15 cm H2O
    b). 5 to 15 cm H2O
    c). 5 to 10 cm H2O
    d). 10 to 20 cm H2O

  3. The common route of transmission of Hepatitis A is?
  4. a). By blood transfusion
    b). Oro-fecal
    c). By sexual intercourse
    d). By droplet

  5. To perform colostomy irrigation, the catheter should be inserted into the stoma up to?
  6. a). 10 cm
    b). 5 cm
    c). 15 cm
    d). 20 cm

  7. The most rapid absorption of insulin occurs in?
  8. a). Abdomen
    b). Arms
    c). Thigh
    d). Buttocks

  9. Complication that can be prevented by using foot rest?
  10. a). Bed sore
    b). Foot edema
    c). Foot drop
    d). Rash

  11. This comfort device is used to support hips and thighs, preventing external rotation and keeping the feet in alignment in case of paralysis, fracture of femur and hip surgery?
  12. a). Trochanter roll
    b). Sand bags
    c). Bed boards
    d). Bed blocks

  13. ——- is a tool of nursing process?
  14. a). Personal history
    b). Present illness
    c). Socio-economic status
    d). Planning

  15. In which strength Savlon will be used for Bed making?
  16. a). 1:40 to 1:50
    b). 1:20 to 1:40
    c). 1:30 to 1:40
    d). 1:40 to 1:50

  17. The medical termination of pregnancy act came into force in the year?
  18. a). 1964
    b). 1962
    c). 1972
    d). 1966

  19. Bhore Committee was appointed by the Govt. of India in the year?
  20. a). 1933
    b). 1953
    c). 1943
    d). 1963

  21. Pulse polio immunization was introduced in?
  22. a). 2001
    b). 2000
    c). 1999
    d). 1995

  23. WHO declared global eradication of small pox on?
  24. a). 26th October 1977
    b). 5th July 1975
    c). 17th May 1975
    d). 8th May 1980

  25. Dengue fever is transmitted by?
  26. a). Culex fatigans
    b). Aedes Aegypti
    c). Culex Vishnui
    d). Glossina Palpalis

  27. All are true about Anganwadi workers except?
  28. a). Part time worker
    b). Covers population of 5000
    c). Supply nutrition and educate about vaccination
    d). Under controls ICDS

  29. All are true of mid-day school meal programme except?
  30. a). Should supply one-third daily calories and half of daily protein
    b). Substitute for regular food
    c). Locally available foods are used
    d). Cheap and easy to prepare

  31. Residual Chlorine after chlorination of water should be?
  32. a). 1 mg/L after 1 hour
    b). 1 mg/L after ½ hour
    c). 0.5 mg/L after 1 hour
    d). 0.5 mg/L after ½ hour

  33. One PHC covers a population of?
  34. a). 50000
    b). 30000
    c). 10000
    d). one lakh

  35. The system of storing and transporting vaccines is termed as?
  36. a). Cold chain
    b). Freezer Chain
    c). Cool chain
    d). Vaccination

  37. Deficiency of thyroxin in adults leads to a condition called?
  38. a). Tetani
    b). Cretinism
    c). Myxoedema
    d). Graves disease

  39. Schick test is used in confirming the diagnosis of?
  40. a). Tuberculosis
    b). Diphtheria
    c). Syphilis
    d). Scarlet fever

  41. All are important elements of communication process except?
  42. a). Sender and receiver
    b). Referent and message
    c). Channel and feedback
    d). Time and environment

  43. Health education by a nurse to a group of people can be termed as?
  44. a). Small group communication
    b). Interpersonal communication
    c). Intrapersonal communication
    d). Public communication

  45. Which one the following disease is not transmitted mainly by Fecal-Oral route?
  46. a). Enteric fever
    b). Measles
    c). Cholera
    d). Hepatitis A

  47. Total lung capacity in a newborn is?
  48. a). 100 ml
    b). 350 ml
    c). 500 ml
    d). 150 ml

  49. The guidelines for the clinical diagnosis of acute rheumatic fever suggested by?
  50. a). Dr. T. Duckett Jones
    b). Robert Koch
    c). Landsteiner
    d). Michael Smith

  51. A killed vaccine is?
  52. a). OPV
    b). BCG
    c). MMR
    d). Rabies

  53. Kernicterus, which may occur as a complication of jaundice, is a pathological of?
  54. a). Liver
    b). Brain
    c). Kidney
    d). Heart

  55. A hereditary hemolytic anemia is?
  56. a). Aplastic anemia
    b). Thalassaemia
    c). Megaloblastic anemia
    d). All of the above

  57. Newborn reflexes which are present at birth at birth and remain unchanged throughout adulthood?
  58. a). Blinking, coughing, rooting, And gag
    b). Blinking, coughing, sneezing, gag
    c). Rooting, sneezing, swallowing, and coughing
    d). Stepping, blinking, coughing and sneezing

  59. The nurse would expect to find in a newborn with birth asphyxia is?
  60. a). Hyperoxemia
    b). Acidosis
    c). Hypocapnia
    d). Ketosis

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