Safdarjung Hospital Nursing Exam Provisional Answer Key Part – 2

Safdarjung Hospital Nursing Exam Provisional Answer Key Part – 2

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Total Quiz Questions=25
Mark/Question= 4
Total Marks=100
This is provisional answer key only, and can used for learning purpose only.Official answer key is not yet published, will publish safdarjung hospital official website

  1. Psychology is a?
  2. a). Natural science.
    b). Biological science.
    c). Physical science.
    d). Social science.

  3. Psychology as a “Science of Mind”, defined by?
  4. a). Psychoanalysts.
    b). Behaviorists.
    c). Functionalists.
    d). Ancient Greek philosophers.

  5. E.B. Titchener (1867-1927) defined ‘Psychology’ as the science of?
  6. a). Conscious experience.
    b). Science of Mind.
    c). Science of Experience.
    d). Science of soul.

  7. Psychology as the scientific study of activities of organism in relation to its Environment is defined
  8. a). J.B. Watson.
    b). Sigmund Freud.
    c). Woodworth.
    d). William James.

  9. Abnormal Psychology is mainly the study of?
  10. a). Normality of mind.
    b). Unconscious level of mind.

    c). Subconscious level of mind.
    d). Abnormality of mind.

  11. Which of the pioneers of Microbiology is credited with the discovery of microorganisms using high
    quality magnifying lenses(early microscopes)?
  12. a). Anton Van Leeuwenhoek.
    b). Louis Pasteur.
    c). Robert Hooke.
    d). Robert Koch.

  13. A cluster of polar flagella is called?
  14. a). Lophotrichous.
    b). Amphitrichous.
    c). Monotrichous.
    d). Peritrichous.

  15. Depending upon the oxygen requirement and metabolism Cholera species are?
  16. a). Obligates aerobes.
    b). Facultative Anaerobes.
    c). Obligate anaerobes.
    d). Microaerophilic.

  17. All of the following occurring in the stationary phase of bacterial growth curve except?
  18. a). Cells show uniform and regular staining.
    b). Cells show presence of intra-cellular storage granules.
    c). Spores are seen.
    d). Exotoxins are formed.

  19. Antibiotic sensitivity is usually done on?
  20. a). Blood agar.
    b). Mac Conkey agar.
    c). Mueller-Hinton agar.
    d). Chocolate agar.

  21. Magnitude of unemployment is aggravated by?
  22. a). Population control.
    b). Quality healthcare services.
    c). Population explosion.
    d). None of these.

  23. Social stigma is felt or assumed in case of disability by community brings?
  24. a). Isolation.
    b). Serious Problems.
    c). Bitterness.
    d). All of these.

  25. Reason for people opposing social change is?
  26. a). Desire for stability.
    b). Ignorance.
    c). Vested interest.
    d). All of the these.

  27. Vasoconstrictors should not be used in?
  28. a). Neurogenic shock.
    b). Hemorrhagic shock.

    c). Secondary shock.
    d). Hypotension due to spinal anaesthesia.

  29. Propranolol can be used to allay anxiety associated with?
  30. a). Chronic neurotic disorder.
    b). Schizophrenia.
    c). Short-term stressful situation.
    d). Endogenous depression.

  31. Lansoprazole is not used in which of the following cases?
  32. a). Gastritis.
    b). Peptic ulcers.
    c). Zollinger-Ellison syndrome.
    d). Thalamus hypertrophy.

  33. Which of the following drug is associated with the reaction of Stevens-Johnson syndrome?
  34. a). Valproic acid.
    b). Quinidine.
    c). Isoniazid.
    d). Procainamide.

  35. A drug ending in the suffix (pril) is considered a—–?
  36. a). Antidepressant.
    b). ACE inhibitor.
    c). Antifungal.

    d). Beta agonist.

  37. If a patient has severe burns on the upper torso, which would be a primary concern?
  38. a). Administering antibiotics.
    b). Debriding and covering the wound.
    c). Frequently observing for hoarsness, stridor and Dyspnea.
    d). Establishing a patent IV line for fluid replacement.

  39. Which is considered as an internal disaster?
  40. a). Patient fall.
    b). The massive spread of pneumonia.
    c). A computer hacking episode.
    d). Unexpected staff absences due to illness.

  41. Which of the following food enhances the absorption of an iron supplement?
  42. a). Baked potato.
    b). Orange juice.
    c). Green beans.
    d). Fortified milk.

  43. Which statement about glaucoma is true and accurate?
  44. a). Acute angle-closure glaucoma is an ocular emergency.
    b). Acute angle –closure glaucoma leads to the loss of peripheral vision and tunnel vision.
    c). Primary open-angle glaucoma leads to eye pain, nausea and vomiting, blurry vision and halos.
    d). Bubbles are implanted to protect the retina from the glaucoma.

  45. Which of the following is hazard of immobility?
  46. a). Loss of bone calcium.
    b). Increased vital capacity.
    c). Venous vasoconstriction.
    d). A positive nitrogen balance.

  47. Projectile vomiting is a feature of?
  48. a). Duodenal atresia.
    b). Pyloric stenosis.
    c). Congenital megacolon.
    d). Appendicitis.

  49. The side-effect of nitroglycerin is?
  50. a). Vomiting.
    b). Diarrhea.
    c). Headache.
    d). Constipation.

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