Safdarjung Hospital Nursing Exam Provisional Answer Key Part – 1

Safdarjung Hospital Nursing Exam Provisional Answer Key Part – 1

Community Health Nursing Part-1 Click This link

Total Quiz Questions=25
Mark/Question= 4
Total Marks=100
This is provisional answer key only, and can used for learning purpose only.Official answer key is not yet published, will publish safdarjung hospital official website later.

  1. Muscles of thigh present in anterior aspect?
  2. a). Rectus femoris.
    b). Hamstring.
    c). Deltoid.
    d). Tibialis anterior.

  3. Functions of cerebellum is all except?
  4. a). Maintenance of muscle tone.
    b). Maintenance of posture.
    c). Equilibrium.
    d). Hearing.

  5. The parts of brain stem are?
  6. a). Midbrain, pons and medulla.
    b). Pons and medulla.
    c). Midbrain and medulla.
    d). Pons Cerebellum and medulla.

  7. All are sinuses are belong to paranasal sinuses except?
  8. a). Maxillary.
    b). Ethmoid.
    c). Spenoid.
    d). Mastoid.

  9. The spleen lies against?
  10. a). 6th 7th 8th ribs.
    b). 7th 8th 9th ribs.
    c). 8th 9th and 10th ribs.
    d). 9th 10th and 11th ribs.

  11. The functions of nasal cavity in relation of ventilation are following except?
  12. a). Warming up inspired air to body temperature.
    b). Humidity the air up to 100% saturation.
    c). Removal of particulate matter from air.
    d). Disinfect the air entering in to lungs.

  13. All the statements are true regarding peripheral chemoreceptor except?
  14. a). Located in carotid body.
    b). Stimulated by fall in PaCO2.
    c). Have type 2 epithelial cells.
    d). Not stimulated by fall in PaO2.

  15. 8. Prolonged stay in space will lead to all of the following changes in the body except?
  16. a). Decrease blood volume.
    b). Decrease hematocrit.
    c). Increase cardiac output.
    d). Decrease muscle strength.

  17. 9. Fleeting abdominal pain due to follicular bleeding causing peritoneal irritation is called as?
  18. a). Corpus hemorrhagicum.
    b). Mittelschmerz.
    c). Corpus luteum.
    d). Corpus albicans.

  19. All of the following enzymes are present in Leydig cells except?
  20. a). CYPscc.
    b). 17-alpha hydroxylase.
    c). 21-hydraxylase.
    d). 17,20 lyase.

  21. What is the term used for normal respiratory rhythm and depth in a client?
  22. a). Eupnea.
    b). Apnea.
    c). Bradypnea.
    d). Tachypnea.

  23. Which of the following situation is considered as an intentional tort?
  24. a). Nurse miscounts the gauze pads during a surgery.
    b).Nurse divulges private information about the patient to media.
    c).Nurse fails to monitor blood pressure when administering an anti-hypertensive to drugs.
    d).Nurse causes a burn when applying a warm soak to legs.

  25. Nature of illness, characteristics comes under which types of variable?
  26. a). Internal variable.
    b). External variable.
    c). Extraneous variables.
    d). All of the above.

  27. Pus in urine called?
  28. a). Pyuria.
    b). Polyuria.
    c). Pusuria.
    d). Dysuria.

  29. Sigmoidoscopy done in which position?
  30. a). Lithotomy position.
    b). Jack knife position.
    c). Fowlers position.
    d). Knee chest position.

  31. In Gluten intolerance, the following is not recommended?
  32. a). Wheat.
    b). Rye.
    c). Oats.
    d). All of these.

  33. Highest energy yielding food group is?
  34. a). Carbohydrates.
    b). Fats.
    c). Sugars.
    d). Protein.

  35. Due to glycosis in post mortem muscles there is accumulation of?
  36. a). Carbon.
    b). Lactic acid.
    c). Oxygen.
    d). Blood.

  37. World diabetes day is celebrated on?
  38. 14th September.
    14th August.
    14th November.
    d). 24th January.

  39. How many calories are there in one gram of fat?
  40. 4

  41. Tissues form glucose. This phenomenon is termed as?
  42. a). Aerobic Glycolysis.
    b). Oxidation.
    c). Oxidative phosphorylation.
    d). Anaerobic glycolysis.

  43. Primary structure of Protein represents?
  44. a). Linear structure of proteins joined by peptide bonds.
    b). 3 dimensional structure of proteins.
    c). Helical Structure of proteins.
    d). Sub unit structure of proteins.

  45. All the following are true about Phenylketonuria except?
  46. a). Deficiency of Phenylalanine Hydroxylase.
    b). Mental retardation.
    c). Increased urinary excretion of p-hydroxyphenyl pyruvic acid.
    d). Decrease serotonin formation.

  47. Lecithin on hydrolysis yields all the following except?
  48. a). Glycerol.
    b). Fatty acid.
    c). Choline.
    d). Glucose.

  49. NADPH required for fatty acid synthesis can come from?
  50. a). Hexose monophosphate shunt.
    b). Oxidative decarboxylation of malate.
    c). Extramitochondial of isocitrate.
    d). All of these.

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