Community Health Nursing Quiz Questions

Community Health Nursing Quiz Questions

Total Quiz Questions=20
Mark/Question= 5
Total Marks=80
Best Community Health Nursing Questions quizzes. You must try these nursing questions and answers before appearing any nursing interview, staff nurse exam or nursing school exam. It will be helpful for both nurses and student nurses.

1.Which type of rehabilitation in which restoration of body function?

Vocational rehabilitation
Primary prevention
Social rehabilitation
None of the above

2. Which of the following is not a live attenuated vaccine?


3. Which communicable diseases are most difficult to block the spread of?

Man to man

4. How does vertical transmission occur?

Through mosquitoes
Through direct contact
Through droplets
Through placenta

5. What is ideal temperature to store DPT vaccine?

Room temperature
4 to 8°C
0 to -20°C
18 to 20°C

6. In which study we can obtain the relative risk of disease?

Case study
Cohort study
Case-control study
Experimental study

7. Which vaccine is contraindicated during pregnancy?


8. Which of the following constitutes specific protection?

Avoidance of allergens
Healthy environment

9. Which category describes that keeping the frequency of illness within acceptable limits?


10. What is the main purpose of sentinel surveillance?

To find out the total number of cases
For intervention of therapeutics
To depict natural history of the disease
Prevention of sentinel piles

11. What is the purpose of adding of citrate in oral rehydration solution?

Improve sodium chloride absorption
Correct acidosis
Increase its shelf-life
Increase glucose absorption

12. Which of the following statement is incorrect regarding cholera vaccine?

It is given at intervals of 6 months
Long-lasting immunity
Not useful in epidemics
Not given orally

13. What is the absolute contraindication of pertussis vaccine?


14. How much chlorine will be available after fresh preparing of bleach?


15. Which of the following is most powerful chemical disinfectant?

Potassium permanganate

16. Which of the following disease is not required isolation to break transmission?


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Vaccines and Communicable Disease Questions

1. Active and passive immunization is done simultaneously in all except?
a. Hepatitis B
b. Measles
c. Rabies
d. Tetanus

2. Chlorine exerts a disinfectant action in all except?
a. Bleaching powder
b. Cetrimide
c. Halozone tablets
d. Sodium hypochlorite

3. Mg 2+ ion is used as a stabilizer in which of the following vaccine?
a. OPV
b. DPT
c. BCG
d. Measles

4. Toxic shock syndrome is a unforeseen complication of which of the following vaccine?
a. Mumps
b. Measles
c. Salk
d. Tetanus

5. Savlon contains?
a. Chlorhexidine and chlorxylenol
b. Cetavlon and Chlorxylenol
c. Cetavlon and hibitane
d. Hibitane and chlorxylenol

6. Disinfection of water by routine chlorination can be classified as?
a. Sterilization
b. Concurrent disinfection
c. Terminal disinfection
d. Pre-current disinfection

7. Sputum can be disinfected by?
a. Boiling
b. Burning
c. Drying
d. Autoclaving

8. Disinfection of urine is which type of disinfection?
a. Pre-current
b. Concurrent
c. Pre-concurrent
d. Terminal

9. Oils and Powders are sterilized by?
a. Autoclaving
b. Microwaving
c. Hydroclaving
d. Hot air oven

10. Which of the following is used to test the efficiency of sterilization of an autoclave?
a. Bacillus subtilis
b. Clostridium Tetani
c. Bacillus stearothermophilus
d. Bacillus pumilus

11. Ministry of AYUSH was formed in 2014 for the development of education and research in the field of:
a. Ayurveda and Yoga only
b. Unani and Naturopathy only
c. Siddha and Homeopathy only
d. All of the above

12. Communicability of disease is assessed by:
a. Secondary attack rate
b. Generation time
c. Serial interval
d. Incubation period

13. Father of Evidence-Based Medicine is:
a. Da Vinci
b. Sackett
c. Hippocrates
d. Tolstoy

14. Hospital-acquired infection of surgical wound is mostly by:
a. Doctor
b. Airborne
c. Patient
d. Instruments

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