OBG- Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing Questions -26 No.s

OBG- Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing Questions

1. During Pregnancy, deficiency of which of the following leads to neural tube defects?
A). Folic acid.
b). Iron.
c). Calcium.
d). Zinc.
The correct answer is:
Folic acid.
2. What is the name of the first secretion from the mother’s breast following delivery?
a). Sequestrum.
b). Colostrum.
c). Lochia.
d). Leucorrhoea.
The correct answer is Colostrum.
3. During which stage of labor, the placenta is delivered?
a). Stage 1.
b). Stage 2.
c). Stage 3.
d). Stage 4.
The Correct answer is Stage 3.
4). Which of the following condition is screened by “Pap Smear”?
A). Ovarian cancer.
B). Endometrial cancer.
c). Cervical cancer.
d). Breast Cancer.
The correct answer is Cervical cancer.

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5. Who was discovered the Partograph?
a). Dr.R.H. Philpoter.
b). Dr. A.L. Mudaliar.
c). Dr. William Show.
D). Dr.Shirodkar.
The correct answer is Dr.R.H. Philpoter.
6. Which abdominal grip is used to assess the descent of the head in a pregnant woman?
a). Fundal.
b). Lateral.
c). Pelvic-1.
d). Pelvic-2.
The correct answer is Pelvic-2.
7. First Movements of the baby felt by the mother are known as?
a) Lightening.
b). Engagement.
c). Quickening.
D). Ballottement.
The correct answer is Quickening.
8. Why does the bed rest is essential in pre-eclampsia?
a).Prevents eclampsia.
b). Mobilizes tissue fluid circulations and decreases edema.
c). Prevents premature labor.
d). It improves blood circulation and decreases edema.
The correct answer is: It improves blood circulation and decreases edema.
9). Which time is the most difficult to control diabetes during the maternity cycle?
a). First trimester.
b). Last trimester.
c). Labour & delivery.
d).  Puerperium.
The correct answer is Labour & delivery.
10.  Which one is the hazard of induction of labor with Pitocin?
a). Elevation in blood pressure.
b). Infection.
c). Rupture of uterus.
d). Early rupture of membrane.
The correct answer is Rupture of uterus.

Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing Questions

11. Which is the common ideal female pelvis?
a). Android.
b). Gynaecoid.
c). Platypelloid.
D). Anthropoid.
The correct answer is Gynaecoid.

12. Which hormone is helpful in the growth of Ovarian follicles?

a). F.S.H.
b). L.H.
c). Estrogen.
d). Progesterone.
The correct answer is F.S.H.

13. What is the reason for the golden color of amniotic fluid?

a). Rh incompatibility.
b). Fetal distress.
c). Post Maturity.
d). Intrauterine Death. 
The correct answer is Rh incompatibility.
14. How much additional the amount of calories that should be taken by a pregnant women as per W.H.O?
a). 300 K. Calorie.
b). 500K. Calorie.
c). 1000K. Calorie.
d). 100K. Calorie.
The correct answer is 300K. Calorie.
15. Which of the following is the highest diameter of the female pelvis?
a).  Anterio-Posterior.
b). Lateral.
c). Oblique.
d). All are equal.
The correct answer is Anterior-posterior.
16. What is the commonest cause of Postpartum Hemorrhage?
a). Atonicity of uterus.
b). Subinvolution.
c). Birth Injury.
d). Puerperal sepsis.
The correct answer is the Atonicity of uterus.
17. How much amount of total weight gain during pregnancy?
a).  6kg.
b). 8kg.
c). 11kg.
d). 14kg.
The correct answer is 11kg.
18. Which of the following is the management of partial placenta previa?
A). Cesarean section.
b). Blood transfusion.
c). D & C.
d). Complete bed rest.
The correct answer is Complete bed rest.
19. Which of the following vaccine commonly given to pregnant mothers?
a) Measles.
b). B.C.G.
c). Tetanus.
d). D.P.T.
the correct answer is Tetanus.
20. Primary features of cervical cancer include—–?
a). Polyurea.
b). Irregular menstruation.
c). Anorexia.
d). Headache.
The correct answer is Irregular menstruation.
21. What is the expected weight gain of antenatal mothers during the first 20 weeks?
A). 0.5 to 1 kg.
B). 2 to 3 kg.
C). 3 to 4 kg.
D) 4 to 5 kg.
The correct answer is 2 to 3 kg. 
22. Which test is commonly used to find out the number of motility and activity of sperm?
A). Protein electrophoresis.
B). CMP test.
C). PCR test.
D). Hohner test.
The correct answer is the Hohner test.
23. When will the uterus normally reaches the level of xiphisternum?
A). 32 weeks.
B). 36 weeks.
C). 40 weeks.
D). 42 weeks.
The correct answer is 36 weeks.
24. What do you mean by fetal macrosomia?
A). Birth weight less than 1.5 kg.
B). Large size head of a newborn.
C). Fetal distress.
D). Birth weight more than 4.5kg.
The correct answer is Birth weight more than 4.5kg.
25. Which pituitary hormone is to stimulate the secretion of breast milk from the mammary gland?
A). Prolactin.
B)  vasopressin.
C)  L.H.
D). H.C.G.
The correct answer is Prolactin.
26. Which is the main source of estrogen and progesterone after the 3 months of pregnancy?
A). Hypothalamus.
B). Pituitary gland.
C). Placenta.
D). Ovary.
The correct answer is Placenta.

Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing Questions

  1. The smallest diameter of the True pelvis is?
  2. Interspinous diameter
    True conjugate
    Diagonal conjugate
    Intertuberous diameter

  3. Most common abnormality in baby of diabetic mother?
  4. Neural tube defect
    Renal defect
    Cardiac anomaly
    Limb defect

  5. Amount of calcium in 100 ml of human milk?
  6. 26 mg
    28 mg
    36 mg
    40 mg

  7. WHO gave an idea of “Safe Motherhood Initiative” in?
  8. 1982

  9. The daily extra calorie requirement in first trimester of pregnancy is?
  10. 50

  11. Placenta directly anchored to myometrium?
  12. Bipartite placenta
    Placenta accreta
    Retained placenta
    Placenta circumvallate

  13. Shape of uterus in multiple pregnancy?
  14. Pyriform

  15. Physiological anemia in pregnancy is due to?
  16. Decreased dietary intake
    Reduced Iron absorption
    Decreased RBC production
    Hemodilution due to increased plasma

  17. Failure of menstrual blood to come out from genital tract is?
  18. Oligomenorrhea

  19. In pregnancy, near term the colour of the amniotic fluid is?
  20. pale straw
    None of these

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