Neurology Nursing Quiz Questions-1

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Neurology Nursing Quiz Questions-1

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  1. In which of the following neurological disorder treatment of choices includethymectomy, plasmapheresis, anticholinesterase inhibitors ?
  2. Parkinson’s disease

    Myasthenia gravis

    Seizure disorder


  3. What is the commonest cause of hydrocephalus?
  4. Obstruction to the flow of CSF

    Overproduction of CSF

    Decreased reabsorption of CSF


  5. what is the commonest complication of tubercular meningitis?
  6. Brain abscess



    Cerebral infarction

  7. The ________ contains centers for heartbeat, breathing, and blood pressure?
  8. cerebellum


    spinal cord

    medulla oblongata

  9. In which of the neurological disorder have enlargement of head, separation ofcranial suture line, bulging fontanel ?
  10. Meningitis



    Peptic ulcers

  11. How does the Huntington’s disease characterized mainly?
  12. Intellectual decline

    Emotional disturbances

    Mental retardation


  13. which is a highly selective semipermeable membrane barrier that separates thecirculating blood from the brain and extracellular fluid ?
  14. Dura mater

    Arachnoid mater

    Pia mater

    Blood brain barrier

  15. In which of the following disorder have episodes of severe, sudden, shock-likepain in one side of the face that lasts for seconds to minutes?
  16. Myasthenia gravis

    Alzheimer’s disease

    Trigeminal neuralgia

    Tics disorder

  17. Which disease is caused by the demyelination of cranial nerves?
  18. Bell’s palsy


    Acoustic neuroma

    Multiple sclerosis

  19. The physician asked the patient to do that raise their shoulders or shrug. Whichof the following cranial nerve function is assessed by the physician?
  20. Vestibulocochlear nerve

    Glossopharyngeal nerve

    Vagus nerve

    Accessory nerve

  21. In which congenital condition the part of the spinal cord is split usually at thelevel of the upper lumbar vertebrae ?
  22. Intervertebral disc prolapse

    Spina bifida



  23. In which of the following condition, the Spetzler-Martin (SM) Grade is used toassess the patient’s risk of deficit after open cranial surgery?
  24. Arteriovenous malformation or AVM


    Brain abscess

    Diabetic insipidus

  25. Which of the following disorder characterized by tremors, rigidity, loss ofpostural reflexes etc ?
  26. Renal tumor


    Parkinson’s disease


  27. what is the commonest complication of tubercular meningitis?
  28. Brain abscess



    Cerebral infarction

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