Nursing Research MCQs with Answers 2023

1. The device that is used by researcher to collect data for a study is called?
a. Concept
b. Sample
c. Instrument
d. Hypothesis

2. The independent variable refers to one of the following?
a. Result
b. Cause
c. Effect
d. Output

3. Gender, age, religion and blood group are measured at?
a. Nominal scale of measurement
b. Ordinal scale of measurement
c. Interval scale of measurement
d. Ratio scale of measurement

4. A systematic abstract explanation of some aspects of reality is called
a. Concept
b. Variable
c. Theory
d. Conceptual model

5. In qualitative research the people who provide information to a researcher are called
a. Study participants and informants
b. Study subjects and informants
c. Study informants and respondents
d. Study subjects and respondents

6. Which of the following sampling techniques is used to get a representative sample ?
a. Cluster sampling
b. Systematic sampling
c. Stratified sampling
d. Random sampling

7. If an investigator intends to study the effect of massage on stress and pain, which type of research approach needs to be chosen by the investigator ?
a. Basic research
b. Qualitative research
c. Applied research
d. Quantitative research

8. Which one of the following represents a sample group?
a. General population
b. Control group
c. Study group
d. Target population

9. The restrictions that a nursing researcher places on the study before gathering the data are called
a. Assumptions
b. Statistics
c. Delimitations
d. Limitations

10. The research design in which the investigator studies the life experiences of individuals in their life-world is called
a. Ethnography
b. Ethology
c. Grounded theory
d. Phenomenology

11. Deductive reasoning is applied in one of the following:
a. Qualitative research
b. Quantitative research
c. Action research
d. Applied research

12. Qualitative research design involves
a. Correlative design
b. Emergent design
c. Experimental design
d. Cohort design

13. Facts generally accepted as truth are known as
a. Limitations
b. Assumptions
c. Evaluations
d. Statistics

14. Which scale of measurement has an absolute zero?
a. Nominal
b. Ordinal
c. Interval
d. Ratio

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