Microbiology Nursing Questions and Answers

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microbiology nursing questions and answers

Microbiology Nursing Questions and Answers

Which biological indicator is used for dry heat sterilization?
Which organism is commonly causes the gas gangrene?
Which condition is identified by Ziehl–Neelsen method?
In which disease condition, signet ring is seen?
Which toxin of staphylococci is responsible for manifestation of poisoning?
Which of the following is an example of gram negative organism?
Which following bacteria causes dental caries?
Which condition is associated with Dick Test?
Which organism's strain is used in Rideal Walker Test?
Which disease condition is diagnosed by shick test?
Which term is used when an objects contaminated with pathogenic microorganisms?
Which of the body cells are mainly affected by H.I.V and causing immunosuppression?
Which organism causes most of the food poisoning?
Which infection is diagnosed with Paul-Bunnel test?
Which organism is used for microbial assay of Chloramphenicol?
Why does the influenza vaccine seldom produces hypersensitivity?
What is the optimal Temperature for Psychrophilic Bacteria?
Which term is used for the highest dilution of antibody in a serum which will react with its specific antigen?
Why does the mycobacterium genus is said to be acid fast or acid resistant?
Which condition is diagnosed by Wasserman Test?
Microbiology Nursing Questions and Answers
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