Medical & Surgical Nursing Quiz Questions – 25 No.s

Medical & Surgical Nursing Quiz Questions - 25 No.s

The Bacteriolytic enzyme present in saliva?
The spinal cord extends from the brain stem to the level of which vertebrae?
Causative organism for infectious mononucleosis?
Heart is supplied with which nerve?
The inflammation of gall bladder is known as?
Which of the following condition is used to treat with the drug Isosorbide dinitrate ?
The position given to a patient with increased intracranial pressure?
Eustachian tube opens on the lateral wall of?
A patient with Parkinson’s disease would be at risk of falling as a result of?
Pigmentation of skin is due to?
The antidote of paracetamol ?
Which lab test is to be monitored while the client is on aminoglycocides therapy?
Which of the following term represents stone in the salivary gland?
The instrument used for intraoccular pressure?
Which among the following food item is restricted in renal failure?
The wheezing sound of asthmatic patient is due to?
In haemoptysis, the color of the blood will be?
Which condition would cause in human by the UV radiation from the sun?
The type of shock occurs in the acute stage of burns?
Which of the following sign represents bleeding from artery?
The blood test to be monitored in patients receiving oral anticoagulants?
Athelet’s foot is caused by?
The complication that nurse should monitor after a liver biopsy is?
The difference between systolic and diastolic pressure is known as?
A patient who has a pacemaker might be ineligible for which of the following investigation?
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Medical & Surgical Nursing Quiz Questions - 25 No.s
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