JIPMER and SCTIMST Nursing Officer Exam Question Series 2022

JIPMER and SCTIMST Nursing Officer Exam Question Series

1. Most cervical cancers arise from?
a. From the endocervix
b. From extocervix
c. From os of cervix
d. At the junction of the ecto and endocervix

2. The hormone ADH works in which area of kidney?
a. Distal convuluted and collecting duct
b. Proximal convoluted tubule and loop of Henle
c. Loop of Henle and collecting ducts
d. Proximal convoluted tubule and the distal convoluted tubule

3. Post ovulation is also known as?
a. The luteal phase
b. The lunar phase
c. The follicular phase
d. The zonal phase

4. The role of a lacuna in a bone is?
a. To house an osteocyte
b. To destroy osteocytes
c. To house blood cells
d. To destroy blood cells

5. Which muscle is the strongest flexor of the elbow?
a. Biceps
b. Trapezius
c. Deltoid
d. Brachialis

6. Which of the following is the greatest risk factor for pancreatic cancer?
a. Family history
b. Smoking
c. Alcohol consumption
d. Obesity

7. The white area of the nail is called?
a. Cochlea
b. Dermis
c. Cutaneous layer
d. Lunula

8. The sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system are the part of?
a. ANS
b. PNS
c. SNS
d. CNS

9. The cardiac cycle has how many phases?
a. 2
b. 4
c. 3
d. 1

10. —– are small, slender, hair-like structures present on the surface of the all mammalian cells?
a. Villi
b. Cilia
c. Diverticuli
d. Varices

11. Gall bladder cancer occurs most commonly at?
a. Fundus
b. Body
c. Neck
d. Cardia

12. Which bone contains the foramen magnum?
a. Occipital bone
b. Ethmoid bone
c. Sphenoid bone
d. Vertebral bone

13. The limbic system is situated in?
a. In the motor cortex
b. On both sides of the thalamus
c. In the hypothalamus
d. In the brain stem

14. The eustachian tube links — to—-?
a. The pharynx to the cavity of the middle ear
b. The larynx to the cavity of the middle ear
c. The pharynx to the cavity of the inner ear
d. The pharynx to the cavity of the outer ear

15. Which are the two posterior pituitary hormones arriving directly from the hypothalamus?
a. Insulin and thyroxine
b. Oxytocin and insulin
c. Oxytocin and antidiuretic hormone
d. ACTH and Growth hormone

16. The most common site of metastasis in choriocarcinoma is?
a. Lungs
b. Vagina
c. Pelvis
d. Brain

100 Important Nursing Questions and Answers

Confusing Nursing Questions and Answers

1. Which of the following first trimester obstetrical sign is false?
a. Chadwicks sign is regular rhythmic uterine contraction seen as early as 4-6 weeks of pregnancy
b. Goodell’s sign is soft cervix seen as early as 6 weeks
c. Osiander’s sign is pulsation in lateral vaginal fornix seen as early as 8 weeks
d. Hegar’s sign is a reliable sign seen as early as 6-10 weeks

2. The following neuromuscular deformity is seen in postpartum puerparium period?
a. Wrist drop
b. Carpal tunnel syndrome
c. Dislocation of shoulder
d. Foot drop

3. Pregnant lady of 29 weeks gestation presents with DVT treatment is?
a. IVC filter
b. Enoxaparin
c. Warfarin
d. Thrombolytics by catheter

4. Puerparium cardiomyopathy occurs at?
a. Within 7 days
b. Within 6 days
c. Within 24 months
d. Within 5 months

5. Retinal vessels develop by?
a. 4th month
b. 6th month
c. 1st month
d. 3rd month

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