IGNOU Post BSc Nursing Entrance Exam 2022 Provisional Answer Key

IGNOU Post BSc Nursing Entrance Exam 2022 Provisional Answer Key

1. Human body system which starts from mouth and ends in anal canal is?
a. Respiratory
b. Nervous
c. Digestive
d. Endocrine

2. Cerebrum (Fore brain) controls the one of the following?
a. Respiratory system
b. Mental behaviour, thoughts
c. Cardio-vascular system
d. Posture

3. All of the following are true for spinal cord, except?
a. Relay messages from brain to different body parts
b. Pass messages from sensory receptors to the brain
c. Beginss at midbrain and ends at lumbar region
d. Coordinates reflexes

4. All of the following are endocrine glands, except?
a. Salivary glands
b. Adrenal glands
c. Pituitary glands
d. Thyroid glands

5. One of the following is bone of lower limb?
a. Femur
b. Scapula
c. Metacarpals
d. Radius

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6. Pelvic cavity consists of one of the following structures?
a. Stomach
b. Diaphragm
c. Sigmoid colon
d. Alveoli

7. Treponema pallidum causes one of the following?
a. Gonorrhoea
b. Syphylis
c. Chancroid
d. HIV infection

8. One of the following hepatitis infections is spread by ingestion of contaminated water and food?
a. Hepatitis A and B
b. Hepatitis A and C
c. Hepatitis B and C
d. Hepatitis A and E

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9. Social institutions concerned with management, production and distribution of human resources are referred to as?
a. Economic institutions
b. Religious institutions
c. Educational institutions
d. Political institutions

10. Child sits with support at the age of?
a. 2 to 4 months
b. 8 to 10 months
c. 4 to 6 months
d. 9 to 12 months

11. A couple and their dependent children living together under the same roof is called?
a. Extended family
b. Joint family
c. Nuclear family
d. Metro family

12. The most appropriate sequence of stages in reactions of a dying patient is?
a. Anger – Denial – Depression – Bargaining – Acceptance
b. Depression – Anger – Denial – Bargaining – Acceptance
c. Bargaining – Anger – Denial – Depression – Acceptance
d. Denial – Anger – Depression – Bargaining – Acceptance

13. All of the following are necessary for producing relaxation response, except?
a. Quiet environment
b. Closed eyes
c. Expert/Trainer
d. Comfortable position

14. All of the following are true for class system, except?
a. It is based on economic/social status
b. It is considered as open group
c. Occupation gets tranferred to children
d. It is based on flexible rules

15. Systematic study of human society is?
a. Pathology
b. Psychology
c. Sociology
d. Epidemiology

16. Mouth care to unconscious patient should be given when patient is in?
a. Fowler’s position
b. Side lying position
c. Trendlenberg position
d. Supine position

17. Patient with severe symptoms for short duration is known to have?
a. Chronic illness
b. Acute illness
c. Disability illness
d. Syndrome

18. An agent that inhibits the growth of microorganism is?
a. Disinfectant
b. Bacteriocidal
c. Antiseptic
d. Water

19. Lack of oxygen in tissue is called as?
a. Asphyxia
b. Cyanosis
c. Anoxia
d. Anoxaemia

20. Angle of insertion of needle for subcutaneous injection should be?
a. 15 Degree
b. 25 degree
c. 45 degree
d. 90 degree

21. A substance used to counteract the effect of poison is?
a. Antiseptic
b. Antidote
c. Antibiotic
d. Antifungal

22. Pulse pressure is?
a. Diastolic pressure
b. Aortic pressure
c. Difference between systolic and diastolic pressure
d. Systolic pressure

23. Sand bags are used to prevent all the conditions, except?
a. Amputation
b. Swelling
c. Wrist drop
d. Rotation of thigh

24. Normal specific gravity of urine is?
a. Less than 1
b. 1.04 to 1.05
c. 1.01 to 1.02
d. 1.05 to 1.06

25. Bile is produced by?
a. Gall bladder
b. Liver
c. Pancreas
d. Stomach

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