Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing Quiz Questions

Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing Quiz Questions

1. Which of the following nutrient’s inadequate intake in pregnancy will leads to neural tube defects in children?
a. Niacin
b. Riboflavin
c. Folic acid
d. Thiamine

2. How much weight loss occurs to the newborn in first week of life?
a. 10 % of birth weight
b. 5 % of birth weight
c. 1 % of birth weight
d. 20 % of birth weight

3. The safest method of termination of pregnancy before 12 weeks is?
a. Suction evacuation
b. D & C
c. Laminaria Tent
d. Prostaglandin

4. The concept of MHW was given by?
a. Kartar Sing committee
b. Shrivastava committee
c. Chada committee
d. Bhore committee

5. A characteristic of infant & young children who have experienced maternal deprivation is?
a. Tendency toward overeating
b. Responsiveness to stimuli
c. Proneness to illness
d. Extreme activity

Anatomy and Physiology Quiz

6. Strawberry spot vagina is seen in?
a. Candida
b. Trichomonas
c. CMV
d. Herpes simplex

7. The first dose of vitamin A is given at?
a. 18 months
b. 2 years
c. 9 months
d. 6 months

8. Caput succedaneum is?
a. Birth mark
b. Swelling on the face of the body
c. Collection of fluid under scalp
d. Swelling will not cross the suture line

Nursing Exams Important Points to Remember

9. The enzyme released by sperm which allow penetration of the ovum is?
a. Amylase
b. Hyaluronidase
c. Lipase
d. Trypsin

Ob and Gyn Quizzes

10. The mean cardiac output of the fetus is?
a. 100 ml/kg/min
b. 225 ml/kg/min
c. 350 ml/kg/min
d. 415 ml/kg/min

11. Physiological anemia in pregnant woman is a result of?
a. Poor dietary intake of iron
b. Increased erythropoeisis
c. Increased detoxification demands
d. Increased blood volume of woman

12. Safron coloured meconium is seen in?
a. Post maturity
b. TB
c. Breech presentation
d. Normal appearance

13. Involution of uterus is completed by?
a. 6 weeks
b. 8 weeks
c. 12 weeks
d. 16 weeks

14. Strongest stimulation of lactation is by?
a. PPH
b. Sucking
c. Metochlorpramide
d. Bromocriptine

15. Injection Anti D should be given following Rh +ve delivery within?
a. 8 hours
b. 72 hours
c. 7 days
d. 24 hours

16. The danger of convulsion in a woman with pre-eclampsia ends?
a. After labour begins
b. After delivery occurs
c. 24 hours postpartum
d. 48 hours postpartum

17. The uterine blood flow at term?
a. 50 ml/min
b. 100 – 150 ml/min
c. 350 – 375 ml/min
d. 500 – 600 ml/min

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