Sedative Drugs Exam Questions and Answers

Sedative Drugs Exam Questions and Answers

Sedative drugs exam questions and answers are important for all type of government exams. It is a subtopic of psychiatry. It will be helpful for preparing Kerala PSC DHS Staff Nurse Exam, NEIGRIHMS Shillong and NIMHANS Nursing Officer Exam

1. Which of the following medicine in higher doses causes acute tubular necrosis and lactic acidosis?
a. Propafol
b. Diazepam
c. Sevoflurane
d. Midazolam

2. Which of the following medicine should be administered slowly and carefully for hypovolemic and elderly patients?
a. Ketamine
b. Midazolam
c. Propafol
d. Fentanyl

3. Which of the following drug is an example of dissociative anaesthetic medicine?
a. Propafol
b. Ketamine
c. Midazolam
d. Lorazepam

4. Which medicine produces adverse effects of hypertension, tachycardia, hallucinations and psychosis?
a. Lorazepam
b. Midazolam
c. Isoflurane
d. Ketamine

5. Extrapyramidal symptoms are the main adverse effects of?
a. Benzodiazepines
b. Opioids
c. Antipsychotics
d. Barbiturates

6. Which of the following medicine is an example of synthetic opioid?
a. Fentanyl
b. Morphine
c. Midazolam
d. Diazepam

7. The overdose of midazolam can be reversed with?
a. Naloxone
b. Flumazenil
c. Pyridoxine
d. Protamine sulphate

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8. The medicine which causes drowsiness and facilitates the onset and maintenance of sleep is known as?
a. Sedatives
b. Barbiturates
c. Hypnotics
d. Anaesthetics

9. An effect seen when two or more substances combine to create an effect that is greater than either one of them could have manifested by itself is known as?
a. Synergistic effect
b. Adverse effect
c. Doubling effect
d. Idiosyncrasy

10. Phenobarbital is an example of?
a. Opioids
b. Barbiturates
c. Benzodiazepines
d. Non-benzodiazepines

11. Lorazepam challenge test is used for?
a. Migraine
c. Alcohol dependence
d. Catatonia

12. Controlled loss of consciousness occurs after the administration of?
a. Sedatives
b. Hypnotics
c. Anaesthetics
d. Benzodiazepines

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