Nursing Questions and Answers 2022

Nursing Questions and Answers 2022

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1. Structure, process, outcome model of quality assurance is popularly known as
a. Wilson’s model
b. Quality health outcome model
c. Donabedian model
d. Quality management model

2. The organization structure where the authority flows from top to bottom in a step by step manner
a. Divisional organization structure
b. Matrix organization structure
c. Line organization structure
d. Functional organization structure

3. Assigning the new employee to an appropriate position is
a. Recruitment
b. Selection
c. Placement
d. Induction

4. The student patient ratio to be maintained for providing effective clinical training for students is
a. 1:2
b. 1:3
c. 1:4
d. 1:5

5. The trained nurses’ association was established in
a. 1904
b. 1908
c. 1918
d. 1914

6. Father of idealism
a. Plato
b. J.S. Rose
c. Aristotle
d. Rousseau

7. Highest level of psychomotor domain of educational objective
a. Mechanism
b. Adaptation
c. Guided response
d. Origination

8. Behavioural objective model of curriculum was developed by
a. Beattie
b. Lawrence Stenhouse
c. Ralph Tyler
d. Bloom

9. The curriculum that is agreed by faculty either implicitly or explicitly
a. Hidden curriculum
b. Illegitimate curriculum
c. Legitimate curriculum
d. Null curriculum

10. The type of learning in which acquisition of a series of related conditioned responses occur
a. Signal learning
b. Chaining
c. Stimulus response learning
d. Verbal association

11. The factual description of meaningful incidents and events of the students observed by teacher
a. Anecdotal records
b. Checklist
c. Rating scale
d. Cumulative records

12. Ideal teaching method for exploring the issues involved in social situation or challenges in human relations
a. Demonstration
b. Lecture
c. Role play
d. Symposium

13. Chart that used to represent the family history of diseases
a. Flow chart
b. Cartogram
c. Tree chart
d. Pedigree chart

14. Characteristics of an out-group include
a. Small size
b. Hostile feeling
c. Common interest
d. Group welfare

15. Characteristics of competition include all the following EXCEPT
a. It is continuous
b. It observes social laws
c. It deals with individual
d. It is unconscious

16. Recently who has launched Quit Tobacco App?
d. WHO

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