JIPMER and SCTIMST Nursing Officer Exam Questions and Answers

JIPMER and Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute of Medical Sciences and Technology or SCTIMST Nursing Officer Exam Questions and Answers

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1. What does CEA stands for?
a. Carcino embryonic antigen
b. Corio embryonic antigen
c. Common embryonic antigen
d. Cancer embryonic antigen

2. Calcium requirement during pregnancy and lactation is?
a. 0.5 g/day
b. 2.0 g/day
c. 1.3 g/day
d. 1.0 g/day

3. What is the most common site of spread of epithelial ovarian tumours?
a. Bone
b. Liver
c. Lungs
d. Peritoneum

4. Gonads develops from which embryonic layer?
a. Both mesoderm and endoderm
b. Mesoderm
c. Ectoderm
d. Endoderm

5. Hormone responsible for the development of corpus luteum is —?
a. FSH
b. LH
d. Progesterone

6. Waiters Tip Position is seen in?
a. Bells Palsy
b. Facial palsy
c. Erbs palsy
d. Congenital Dislocation of hips

7. Pharmacodynamics involves the study of all the following, except?
a. Biological and therapeutic effcts of drugs
b. Absorption and distribution of drugs
c. Mechanisms of drugs
d. Drugs interactions

8. Screening test for prostatic cancer or Prostatic enlargement in old age is?
a. S. Creatinine level
b. S. Cholesterol level
c. Blood sugar level
d. PSA level

9. Deep fascia which covers the thigh is called as?
a. Fascia lata
b. Dartos fascia
c. Scarpas fascia
d. campers fascia

10. A drain that is used for drainage of bile after an open cholecystecotmy?
a. Jackson Pratt
b. Hemovac
c. Penrose
d. T-tube

11. Which of the following is the drug of choice in drug induced anaphylactic shock?
a. Nor adrenaline
b. Adrenaline
c. Dopamine
d. Heparine

12. What carries the greatest risk for the breast cancer?
a. Family history of breast cancer
b. Nulliparity
c. Oral contraceptive usage
d. Previous contralateral breast cancer

13. Which of the following type of grafting techniques is used for Burn patients?
a. Exografting
b. Xenografting
c. Autografting
d. Heterografting

14. AFP is produced by?
a. Lungs
b. Kidney
c. Heart
d. Liver

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