AIIMS NORCET, JIPMER, SCTIMST, and ESIC Nursing Questions and Answers

AIIMS NORCET, JIPMER, SCTIMST, and ESIC Nursing Questions and Answers with Rationale 2022

1. The most common cancer affecting children aged less than 18 years?
a. Brain tumors
b. Spinal cord tumors
c. Leukemia
d. Gastric tumors

2. The two classes of cells found in human body are?
a. Bone cells and endocrine cells
b. Sex cells and somatic cells
c. Permanent and temporary cells
d. Muscular and nervous cells

3. The sciatic nerves arise from which of these plexus?
a. Brachial
b. Lumbosacral
c. Choroid
d. Cervical

4. Stage 2 pressure ulcer is characterized by?
a. Full thickness tissue loss with exposed bone, tendon etc
b. Full thickness tissue loss
c. Intact skin with non-blanchable redness
d. Partial thickness loss of dermis

5. In which of the following parts of the colon do most malignant tumors arise?
a. Hepatic flexure
b. Transverse
c. Recto-sigmoid
d. Cecum

6. Cardio-vascular phenomenon characterized by groups of two heart beats close together followed by a longer pause is?
a. Bounding pulse
b. Water-hammer pulse
c. Pulse-alternans
d. Bigeminal pulse

7. Type of enema used to stimulate peristalsis by irritating the intestinal mucosa and to soften a hard stool is?
a. Carminative
b. Purgative
c. Laxative enema
d. Medicinal

8. Phagocytosis takes place in?
a. Red blood cells
b. Neutrophils
c. Lymphocytes
d. Platelets

9. Which among the following fluid is also called as Hartmans solution?
a. Normal saline
b. Lactated ringer
c. Dextrose in saline
d. Half saline

10. Which part of the neuron receives information?
a. The myelin sheath
b. The dendrite
c. The axon
d. The node of Ranvier

11. Risk factors for prostate cancer include which one of the following?
a. Castration before age 40 years
b. Black race
c. Asian race
d. Young age

12. Which one of the following symptoms is rare in patients with progressive lung cancer?
a. Hemoptysis
b. Hypercalcemia
c. Headache
d. Urinary retention

13. Which among the following is a precipitating factor for myasthenic crisis?
a. Getting too little exercise
b. Taking excess medications
c. Omitting doses of medications
d. Increasing intake of fatty foods

14. Risk factors for ovarian cancer include which of the following?
a. Young age
b. Nulliparity
c. Multiple pregnancies
d. Prolonged use of oral contraceptives

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