Fundamentals of Nursing Quiz Questions- 2

Fundamentals of Nursing- Nursing Quiz Questions- 2

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1. Which of the following is a plasma volume expander?
Normal saline.
Ringer lactate.
Dextrose normal saline.

2. The position ideal for Ryle’s tube insertion?
Supine position.
Left lateral position.
High Fowler’s position.
Neck extended position.

3. Which is the accurate way to check the position of Ryle’s tube?
Bowl method.
Air bolus injection.

4. Which of the following position is used to promote venous return and to prevent shock?
Dorsal recumbent.
Horizontal recumbent.
Reverse trendlenburg.

5. Serum albumin is administered to a client for?
Formation of WBC.
Formation of RBC.
Maintenance of oncotic pressure.
Clotting of blood.

6. Antroscopy is used to visualize?
Fundus of the eye.
Maxillary sinus.
Pleural cavity.

7. Partial or complete separation of wound edges is called?
Abscess formation.
Wound dehiscence.
Wound evisceration.

8. What is the meaning of enteroclysis?
Colonic irrigation.
Bladder irrigation.
Ear irrigation.
Vaginal irrigation.

9. Accumulation of the hardened feces in the rectum ?
Fecal impaction.

10. Mechanical device used to prevent foot drop?
Bed block.
Foot rest.
Knee rest.
Back rest.

11. During administration of enema if the patient complains for abdominal cramps , then the nurse should?
Stop giving enema.
Continue giving enema.
Slow the rate of enema.
Administer analgesic.

12. Intradermal injection is given at?
15 degree angle.
30 degree angle.
45 degree angle.
90 degree angle.

13. Purgative enema is given to?
To provide nutrition.
To destroy helminthes.
To improve peristalsis.
To provide an anesthesia.

14. Which one of the following is not a sign of fluid overload?
Elevated C.V.P. Reading.
Abdominal distention.
Bounding pulse.

15. Most recommended position for a client with severe ascites?
Side lying.

16. Which of the following is best treatment for an allergy?
Live in a room free of dust.
Use an electrostatic filter.
Prevent the person from coming in contact with the sensitizing allergens.
Use antihistamines.

17. A bland diet consists of ?
High carbohydrate.
High fat.
Non-irritating foods.

18. Making up stories to fill in the gaps of memory is termed as?
Reaction formation.

18. Which of the clinical finding will the nurse identify while assessing a client with fever?
Precordial pain.
Elevated blood pressure.

19. Sequence of taking vital signs in a newborn infant is?
Respiration-Pulse- Temperature.

20. Eschar is usually seen in?

21. Injury to phrenic nerve cause?
Cardiac arrhythmia.
Breathing difficulty.

22. Old age hearing loss is called?
Menier’s disease.
Conductive deafness.

23. Patient is having high temperature should be given?
Plenty of fluids.
Normal fluids.
Restricted fluids.
Regular diet.

24. A system of family centered care to dying patients is known as?
Nursing home.
Day care center.

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1. The test is done to study the ability of the kidney to concentrate urine is?
Fish berg concentration test
Bromosulfonaphthalein excretion test
Phenosulfonaphthalein excretion test
Augmented histamine test

2. If air bubbles appear during chest drainage then?
It shows air leakage
It shows water leakage
It is a normal condition
It indicates air embolism

3. For giving enema, the height of enema can from the anus should be?
30 cm
18 cm
45 cm
90 cm

4. While lifting a patient, a nurse bends on her?
Hips and back
Hips and knees
Back and knees
Back only

5. A nursing intervention designed to decrease the risk of infection in a patient with an indwelling catheter include?
Cleanse the area around the meatus
Empty catheter drainage bag at least daily
Change catheter tubing and bag every 48 hours
Maintain intake of 1200 – 1500 ml every day

6. Before administering the medicine to a patient, a nurse checks the prescription?
Two times
Three times
One time
Four times

7. While measuring the blood pressure in the upper arm, the chest piece of the stethoscope is placed over which of the following arteries?

8. The nurse should proceed with a patient’s bed bath in the following order?
Hands, arms, face, neck, abdomen, chest, back, legs and perineum
Face, neck, arms, chest, abdomen, back, legs and perineum
Arms, legs, face, neck, chest, abdomen, back and perineum
Arms, hands, legs, perineum, abdomen, back, neck and face

9. Causes of constipation are following, except?
Insufficient intake of roughage
Intestinal obstruction
Increased fluid intake
Lack of privacy

10. The enema is given to relieve inflammation is?
Astringent enema
Cold enema
Barium enema
Anesthetic enema

11. Amphetamine is used for all, except?
Attention deficit hyperkinetic state in children

12. Causes of retention of urine are the following, except?
Urethral obstruction
Pressure on the bladder by fecal impaction
Poor fluid intake
Use of diuretics

13. Drug of choice in absence seizure is?

14. The small animals with strong sharp teeth such as rats, mice, and rabbits are examples of?

15. The technique which is used to prevent cross-infection is known as?
Nursing care
Barrier nursing
Actual nursing
Preventive nursing

16. The following points should be kept in mind while washing hands, except?
Cut short the nails
Use soap or detergents
Do not remove jewelry it may be misplaced
Clean the interdigital space properly

17. An amputation bed is also known as?
Fracture bed
Open bed
Stump bed
Cardiac bed

18. The main purpose of the cardiac bed is?
To increase appetite
To relieve dyspnoea
To keep the patient warm
To increase circulation

19. The article to be sterilized by autoclave are kept in?
The outer chamber of the autoclave
The inner chamber of the autoclave
Middle chamber of the autoclave
All the chambers

20. Eusol solution contains?
Spirit and betadine
Betadine and H2O2
Boric acid and bleaching powder
Boric acid and H2O2