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Biology Questions

biology questions

Biology questions/Biology Quiz/ General Science Questions will help students and nurses to prepare various exams like BSc Nursing Entrance Exam, Post BSc Nursing Entrance, MSc Nursing Entrance etc.

1.A ribosome is?

a. A proteinaceous enzyme

b. A catalytic RNA

c. An enzyme that helps in ribose synthesis

d. An enzyme that joins ribose with adenine

2. Genes involved in cancer are?

a. Cancer genes

b. Oncogenes

c. Tumor genes

d. Regulator genes

3. Which of the following disease is caused by Wuchereria bancrofti?

a. Malaria

b. Filariasis

c. Diabetes

d. None of these

4. The last case of smallpox was reported in?

a. 1977

b. 1972

c. 1980

d. 1970

5. Which of the following disease is now considered eradicated from India?

a. Smallpox

b. Mumps

c. Chicken Pox

d. Swine flu

6. —— is characterized by hydrophobia?

a. Dengue


c. Measles

d. Rabies

7. OPV (Oral Polio Vaccine) was prepared by?

a. Jonas Salk

b. Sabin et al

c. Alexander Fleming

d. Louis Pasteur

8. Which of the following organs does not produce any digestive enzymes?

a. Salivary gland

b. Pancreas

c. Liver

d. Stomach

9. Widal Test is done to confirm?

a. Malaria

b. Typhoid

c. Pneumonia

d. Jaundice

10. Theory of inheritance was proposed by?

a. John Mendel

b. Charles Darwin

c. Louis Pasteur

d. Francis Crick

Biology Quiz

11. Human Heart is enclosed by a sac known as?

a. Atria

b. Chordae tendineae

c. Pericardium

d. Aorta

12. Acid rain is produced by?

a. Excess NO2 and SO2 from burning fossil fuels

b. Excess production of NH3 by industries

c. Excess release of CO by incomplete combustion

d. Excess formation of CO2 by combustion and animal respiration

13. A bone is connected to muscle with the help of?

a. Ligament

b. Cartilage

c. Tendon

d. None of these

14. Which of the following blood groups enables a person to give to any person?

a. A

b. B

c. AB

d. O

15. Fluoride pollution mainly affects?

a. Brain

b. Heart

c. Teeth

d. Kidney

16. Chernobyl nuclear tragedy occurred in?

a. April 1986

b. August 6, 1945

c. August 9, 1945

d. December 3, 1984

17. About 70% of the total global carbon is found in?

a. Oceans

b. Forests

c. Grasslands

d. Agroecosystems

18. Which of the following is an egg-laying mammal?

a. Kangaroo

b. Duck-billed Platypus

c. Penguin

d. Whale

19. Diabetes Insipidus occurs due to the hyposecretion of?

a. Thymosin

b. Oxytocin

c. Insulin

d. Vasopressin

20. “The inheritance of Acquired Characters” was proposed by?

a. Lamarck

b. Darwin

c. Wallace

d. Miller

Biology Quiz Questions

21. The deficiency of Vitamin – A causes?

a. Night Blindness

b. Cataract

c. Rickets

d. Pellagra

22. Myopia or Near-sightedness can be corrected by?

a. Biconvex lens

b. Cylindrical Lens

c. Biconcave lens

d. surgical correction

23. Which is the smallest bone in the body?
a. Malleus
b. Incus
c. Stapes
d. Carpal

24. Which of the following is an Ozone-depleting chemical?
a. CFC
b. SO2
c. CO2
d. CO

25. The 1992 Earth Summit was held in?
a. Paris
b. New York
c. Rio de Janeiro
d. Kyoto

Answer Key


Which of the following is the smallest unit of life?

a. Tissue
b. Organ
c. Cell
d. Organ system

Which of the following is an example of a monosaccharide?

a. Starch
b. Glucose
c. Sucrose
d. Cellulose

Which of the following is responsible for carrying oxygen in the blood?

a. Platelets
b. Red blood cells
c. White blood cells
d. Plasma

Which of the following is a characteristic of prokaryotic cells?

a. They have a nucleus
b. They have membrane-bound organelles
c. They have a cell wall
d. They are larger than eukaryotic cells

Which of the following is an example of a renewable resource?

a. Coal
b. Oil
c. Solar energy
d. Natural gas

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