Safdarjung Hospital Nursing Exam Practice Questions and Answers Part-2

Safdarjung Hospital Nursing Officer Online Exam Practice Questions and Answers Part-2

Safdarjung Hospital Nursing Officer Online Exam Practice Questions and Answers Part-1 Click This Link

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Safdarjung Hospital Nursing Officer Online Exam Practice Questions and Answers.You must try these nursing questions and answers before appearing any nursing interview, staff nurse exam or nursing school exam. It will be helpful for both nurses and student nurses.

  1. 1. Spaces between Schwann cells of neurons are called?
  2. a). Nodes of Ranvier.
    b). Synapse.
    c). Nissl bodies.
    d). Ventricles.

  3. 2. Which of the carbohydrate digesting enzyme produced by Pancreas?
  4. a) Pancreatic amylase.
    b) Trypsin.
    c) Pancreatic lipase.
    d) Elastace.

  5. 3. Which is the most common blood vessel used in CABG surgery?
  6. A). The saphenous vein.
    B). The femoral artery.
    C). The popliteal vein.
    D). The iliac artery.

  7. 4. Which of the nursing action is important before patient having chest x-ray?
  8. A). Nil per oral.
    B). Swallow contrast dye.
    C). Sedation.
    D). Remove metal necklace.

  9. 5. First indicator of graft occlusion after revascularization?
  10. A). Sharp increase in pain.
    B). Hypotension.
    C). Bradycardia.
    D). Bradypnea.

  11. 6. The ECG shows changes of myocardial infarction in lead 2, 3 and aVF, it suggests the area of infarct at?
  12. A). Anterior wall.
    B). Posterior wall.
    C). Septal wall.
    D). Inferior wall.

  13. 7. Cons receptors of eye , are mainly responsible for sensing?
  14. a). Color.
    b). Shape.
    c). Light.
    d). None of these.

  15. 8. Which of the following position is contraindicated in increased intracranial pressure?
  16. a). Head midline.
    b). Head turned to the side.
    c). Neck in neutral position.
    d). Head of the bed elevated 30 to 45 degrees.

  17. 9. How should the nurse position the patient undergoing thoracentesis?
  18. A). Supine.
    B). Prone.
    C). Sitting.
    D). Knee chest.

  19. 10. Which condition is diagnosed by Wasserman Test?
  20. a). Pertusis.
    b). Syphilis.
    c). Botulism.
    d). Tetanus.

  21. 11. The antidote of paracetamol ?
  22. a). Cyclosporin.
    b). N-acetylcysteine.
    c). Cyclophosphamide.
    d). Diclofenac.

  23. 12. Which lab test is to be monitored while the client is on aminoglycocides therapy?
  24. a). Hemoglobin.
    b). S.Bilirubin.
    c). S.Creatinine.
    d). Platelets.

  25. 13. Which of the following value of pH level of stomach content will be correct?
  26. a) 7.35.
    b) 3.5.
    c) 7.0.
    d) 7.5.

  27. 14. Which organism is commonly causes the gas gangrene?
  28. a). E. Coli.
    b). Plasmodium.
    c). Rubella.
    d). Clostridium.

  29. 15. Which of the following drug is Contraindicated in Pancreatitis?
  30. a). Morphine.
    B). Meperidine.
    c). Diclofenac.
    d). Spasmoproxyvon.

  31. 16. Which of the following is a specific investigation to detect seizures?
  32. a). CT scan.
    b). MRI scan.
    c). EEG.
    D). X-ray.

  33. 17. To achieve maximum effectiveness, how long should the nurse leave the rectal tube in place once it is inserted?
  34. A). 15 minutes.
    B). 30 minutes.
    C). 45 minutes.
    D). 60 minutes.

  35. 18. In which stage of syphilis is considered as non contagious?
  36. A). Primary stage.
    B). Tertiary stage.
    C). Incubation stage.
    D). Secondary stage.

  37. 19. Which of the following cranial nerve is responsible for eyeball movement?
  38. a). Oculomotor.
    b). Olfactory.
    c). Optic.
    d). Facial.

  39. 20. The nurse observes an an anxious client hyperventilating and intervenes to prevent?
  40. A). Cardiac arrest.
    B). Carbonic acid deficit.
    C). Reduction in serum pH.
    D). Excess oxygen saturation.

  41. 21. While measuring central venous pressure the Zero point of the manometer is adjusted to —-?
  42. a). Anterior axillary line.
    b) Midaxillary line.
    c). Posterior axillary line.
    d). Shoulder level.

  43. 22. Nursing assessment for neurovascular status of the extremity with a cast include the following except —-?
  44. a). Pallor.
    b). Range of motion.
    c). Parasthesia.
    D). Pain.

  45. 23. Antipsychotics are usually administered through the following routes except?
  46. a). Oral.
    b). Subcutaneous.
    c). Intravenous.
    d). Intramuscular.

  47. 24. Which of the following neurotransmitter level is found reduced in depression?
  48. a). Serotonin.
    b). Epinephrine.
    c). Acetylcholine.
    d). Glutamate.

  49. 25. Which of the following is the early symptom of cancer of vocal cord?
  50. a). Sore throat.
    b). Hoarseness of sound.
    c). Swallowing difficulty.
    d). Coughing.

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