Practice Questions and Answers for JIPMER Nursing Officer Exam

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Jipmer nursing officer exam questions

Practice Questions and Answers for JIPMER Nursing Officer Exam

Which patient is having very high risk for developing ovarian cancer?
30 yr old patient has an ulcer over lateral malleolus. Nurse caring for this patient understands, the pain of the patient is due to?
A nurse can decontaminate the HIV contaminated waste products with all the following except?
Patient on enalepril and diuretic therapy for heart failure. Nurse should notify the physician that the therapy is not effective when she finds?
A nurse is caring an anemic patient, What finding should suggest her that it is acute blood loss anemia?
Maternity nurse, must be aware that screening for diabetes mellitus in pregnancy is done at?
Nurse is about to insert Ryle's tube for a patient. Before this act she must be aware of the distance between incisor teeth and gastro esophageal junction. Which of the following is correct distance?
To do percussion and postural drainage of lungs in bronchiectasis. What body position of the patient, a nurse should use?
A nurse is caring for a patient with 'Swine flu' and she has give the drug of choice for 'swine flu' and it is?
Which one of the following cancer that does not metastasize commonly to liver?
Which joint movement is restricted in a patient with pericapsulitis of shoulder?
25 yr old male patient had sweating, palpitations and found to have blood sugar of 45 mg/dl. Multiple similar episodes had been recorded in the past, corrected with glucose. Nurse caring for this patient should consider which one of the following diagnosis?
All the following cancers have infective etiology except?
A nurse was called to see a patient with noisy breathing. She suspects laryngospasm with stridor and it occurs commonly with?
Nurse working in an operation theater must know, the risk of HIV infection with needle stick injury is about?
All are true regarding Vitamin A, except?
A nurse is taking care of a patient with DVT and she must be aware that venous emboli will be lodged in?
Hyaline membrane disease of an infant is due to deficiency of surfactant and the source of pulmonary surfactant is?
Nurse caring for a retro positive patient with Molluscum Contagiosum. This secondary infection is caused by?
Direct action of parathyroid hormone include everything except?
Nurse is about to catheterize bladder of a pregnant lady. She should be aware that all the following facts about female urethra are true, except?
What is the best way to be adapted by a nurse to avoid hematoma formation when undertaking venipuncture?
Neonate of diabetic mother is at risk for all the following except?
Before giving blood transfusion, a nurse should note the date, time of collection and must be aware that Packed RBC's can be stored up to?
Which one of the following is a DNA virus?
Practice Questions and Answers for JIPMER Nursing Officer Exam
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