Multiple Choice Questions Anatomy and Physiology

Multiple Choice Questions Anatomy and Physiology

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Total Quiz Questions=20
Mark/Question= 5
Total Marks=100

1. Neurons of nervous system, skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle, nephrons of kidney are the examples of?
a. Labile cells
b. Stable cells
c. Permanent cells
d. None of them

2. The contraceptive diaphragm is also known as?
a. Indo cap
b. Dutch cap
c. Round cap
d. None of these

3. Bartholin glands are located on which aspects of vaginal wall?
a. Anterior
b. Middle
c. Posterior
d. None of these

4. The glomerulus is a network of?
a. Arteries
b. Veins
c. Capillaries
d. Sinus

5. Which hormone derived from the amino acid tyrosine?
a. Norepinephrine
c. TSH
d. None of these

6. Which of the following is called white part of the human eye?
a. Uvea
b. Tunic
c. Sclera
d. None of these

7. Microglia are phagocytic in action and are derived from?
a. Monocytes
b. Leucocytes
c. Fibroblasts
d. Astrocytes

8. Which of the following is used to determine the hemoglobin contents of blood?
d.None of these

9. A bursting open, splitting or gaping by the divergence of parts is called?
a. Dehiscence
b. Fistula
c. Haematoma
d. Caricature

10. Which of the following term is used for causing or suffering from formation of gas in the digestive tract?
a. Impaction
b. Propulsion
c. Flatulence
d. Nocturnal

11. Juxtaglomerular apparatus of kidney secretes?
a. Vasopressin
b. Renin
c. Secretin
d. Glomerulin

12. What changes will make glucocorticoids in release of amino acids from muscle?
a. increase
b. decrease
c. sometimes increase
d. none of these

13. Somatostatin hormone is secreted from?
a. Alpha cells of pancreatic islets
b. Alpha beta cells of islets
c. Delta cells of pancreatic islets
d. F cells of pancreatic islets

14. Iron is mostly absorbed from?
a. Duodenum
b. Upper small intestine
c. Both of them
d. Large intestine

15. Seminoma is used for malignant tumour of?
a. Brain
b. Liver
c. Testes
d. Lymphoid tissue

16. Which of the following disease have the charecteristic Reed-Stemberg (RS) cells?
a. Hodgkin’s disease
b. Lymphoma
c. Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
d. Lymphadenitis

17. Sympathetic nervous system is also known as?
a. Thoracolumbar outflow
b. Craniosacral outflow
c. Thoracosacral outflow
d. Craniolumbar outflow

18. Shoulder joint is an example of?
a. Gliding joint
b. Ball and socket joint
c. Pivot joint
d. Saddle joint

19. The cells of the placenta secrete steroid?
a. Estradiol
b. Progesterone
c. Both a and b
d. none of these

20. Which of the following system dilates the trachea, bronchi, and lungs?
a. Sympathetic system
b. Parasympathetic system
c. Either of them
d. None of these

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